Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saving Dough

I'm not talking about the money kind of dough, although I suppose money was saved as well by not wasting it. Anyway, all will be explained later.

First I have to say my instincts were right and the headache I had earlier in the week was a precursor to something else. I have a rotten cold complete with sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, aching joints, etc. etc. Seems this was DD3's parting gift to me as she's also suffering and has mostly lost her voice too.

The move went pretty smoothly. They had a lot of help from friends and relatives. DH and I did one run over to the flat with a few bits and pieces, but there's not much space in our little VW Polo. They've moved most of the big stuff and will pop in tomorrow for some odds and ends, but I bet we'll be finding stuff they've left behind for weeks to come. They also had to move tons of stuff from BF's grandmother's house as they often stayed with her and had quite a few belongings in their room there. When it came to it, I think I was just relieved that everything went so well, so there were no more tears. Or maybe I was just feeling too ill to get upset.

Dinner tonight was a cheat, an extra-large salad box from Morrison's salad bar and we chose 5 different rice, pasta and bean salads. I also got a couple of yellow-stickered little gem lettuces and I had cherry tomatoes in the fridge. We had it with homemade cheese and onion rolls. And, no, I wasn't really up to making bread except for putting the ingredients in the breadmaker and turning it on, but I hadn't reckoned with DH thinking it was a good idea to unplug the machine during its first rise. This is where the dough-saving comes into it. When I plugged the machine back in it just reset itself back to the start of the cycle so I took the dough out, kneaded it by hand, formed it into rolls, sprinkled more cheese on top, rose it on top of a low oven and then baked it. I wasn't going to waste the dough since it had about 4 ounces of cheese in it. As it turns out the rolls were a great success so I'll probably be making them again. The bread flour was from AF, and the onion was dried onion I got ages ago in big bags also from AF. I have loads of that onion and use it in bread, cornbread, savoury muffins etc. It saves having to slice and fry onion for a recipe.

Apart from the run to Folkestone and the bread making, this morning we dodged the hail showers to nip into town and do some bank stuff for DH's mum and I've also done 2 loads of laundry that have had to be dried over the radiators. Funny how us women manage to carry on even when we feel awful, isn't it?  This afternoon, though, I've mostly sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and either knitting or reading. I'm well on the way to completing another sock. I'm making it two-tone with the main sock royal blue and the heel and toe areas a sort of electric blue. I was going to do the whole of the sole in the contrast colour but I didn't  think I'd quite have enough wool. Pictures to follow when the pair is complete.

I think that's all for now. Even my cheeks are aching at the moment, my throat is killing me and I keep sneezing all over the keyboard...great way to spread germs! Good job its my own laptop and I'm the only one to use it. I'm thinking an early night and lots of paracetamol might be a good idea. We're supposed to be going out for dinner tomorrow evening but I'm not sure it will be worth it; not sure I'll be able to taste anything. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. You do seem to be suffering at the moment! Hope you feel better soon and I'm glad the move went well x

  2. Rest and lots of fluids, paracetamol will help. I hope that you feel better soon. There seems to be so many of these cold/flu bugs going round now, perhaps it is the foul weather that we have been enduring.