Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is...warm feet!

Hello and welcome to a new follower, Everyday Life On A Shoestring. I hope you continue to find something worthwhile popping over here for every once in a while. I do wonder if my everyday boring little life is really of interest to anyone but me (and even I don't often find much to get excited over) so I am extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read and comment.

First, some good news...(drum roll please)...DH went for his interview yesterday and he got the full time lecturing job. They were extremely impressed by him, including the short lesson he had to teach and his interview. He was the last of three to be interviewed, then he was asked him to stay behind when the other two left and he was offered the job. 

He's accepted, of course, but we're not shouting about it yet because the full details, start date, salary etc. haven't been decided on yet. He's still officially employed through an agency as a supply lecturer until the end of February, and we're hoping his salary will be similar to what he's getting now. We could take a small cut as he'll have job security, sick pay, a pension fund and he'll get paid over the holiday periods whereas at the moment I have to put a big chunk of each month's salary aside to cover the periods he isn't earning. If they were to pay him pro rata according to what he was on  when he finished secondary school teaching as head of department he'd be on a really good salary, but we're not expecting that and really, we could manage on quite a bit less as long as it's regular income. 

I can hardly tell you how proud I am of him. After having such an awful breakdown 3 years ago he's pulled himself back up, taught as a supply teacher in some horrible schools before finding his niche in this college, and I am so happy for him that he won't have to return to school teaching. From my point of view it means I can start budgeting properly again knowing exactly what money we'll have coming in every month, and I can make plans for the future. 

On another topic, he loved his Valentine's gift. He even loved the way it was wrapped in brown parcel paper and he's kept the little gift card I put in with the socks and is carrying it in his wallet. 

He sent me a text once he got to work to say how much he appreciated it all, and couldn't wait to put them on and have lovely warm feet when he got in from work tonight.

Our dinner for two tonight was nothing very posh, just liver and bacon with cabbage and mash, but it was really delicious. 

Dessert was a slightly healthier version of one of DH's favourites, ice cream, Flake and cream. Instead of the full fat versions we had Carte D'Or Light Vanilla Ice Cream topped with crushed Galaxy Ripple and low fat squirty cream from a can. Not exactly healthy, but it could have been worse. 

I made a bit of a fuss for the special day with scented candles on the table. 

Ah, sweet. Well, not bad since we've been together nearly 35 years and married for nearly 30. There's still a lot of love floating about in with all the day to day grind of life.

DH is still hoping to go to Bridgend next week to visit his mum, and fingers crossed the weather doesn't look like it will be too dreadful although it is likely to rain...when isn't it? We're expecting really high winds here again tonight, and once again DS1 won;t be home until 10. Thankfully next week he has a few earlier shifts.

Well, I think that's all I have for today. Hope you've had a good day whether you've celebrated Valentine's or not.


  1. I LIKE reading about other peoples ordinary days, makes my ordinary day seem normal, rather than reading about great excitement when I would feel I was missing out on something!
    Not sure if that makes sense?

    1. It makes perfect sense, although I'm in awe at the amount some people seem to fit into their days. Makes me feel really lazy at times, inspires me at others.

  2. Congrats on hubby getting the job. Glad he likes his socks, they look great x I can't wait for all this bad weather to end. Pretty scary last night, the windows were rattling and I couldn't settle until everyone was home x

  3. The wind was really high here too, knocked our bins over and some really strong gusts. It was still pretty bad this morning, so strong at times that it was hard to walk against, but we did get into town for a coffee.

  4. great news to read. The only way is up now. Those socks are cool, I hope to be able to resume knitting, am going to try next week.

  5. Sorry, I am playing catch-up again after a weekend with different sides of the family. Such good news about your husband, it will make everything less stressful financially. We have been doing various bits of 'temporary' work for a year now, and although we have a financial safety net of money in the bank, we try to keep to a sensible budget and not dip into our savings too much. We are just about to start a (hopefully) 7 month stint in Dorset, not too far from home which is good, but it means that I have to be very strict with our expenditure as this will be our main earning potential for the year. Love the socks, I have verbally said I shall make some but I am not sure that will happen any time soon, I am still slightly obsessed by my crochet!