Monday, 24 February 2014

Fantastic News...and a Confession.

Sorry I've been MIA. I've just been busy, busy, busy. As a consequence I've been nearly falling asleep on the sofa by 9pm so have been going to bed early. 

I'm just dropping in now to tell you all our good - amazing - news. 

My DD2 is engaged. 

DH and I were on our way to Canterbury on Friday to meet up with DS2 for lunch, when DD2 phoned and asked if she and her BF could pop round in the evening. She didn't give any hints but mother's intuition had me saying to DH, 'I bet they got engaged'. I was right. She moved in with him last June and it was their 2 year anniversary last week, so I had been expecting it sooner or later since they're both late twenties and want to have children in the next couple of years. They'll probably have the wedding next year, were thinking of getting wed in Las Vegas but think now they'll get married here and honeymoon in Vegas. 

Apart from that, my days have been filled with enjoying some days out with DH while he was off for half term and the weather has been fine, and sorting out my Approved Foods stockpile that was in our bedroom. 

And here's the confession...I have thrown out food. Not just a little bit, but lots. 

It's broken my heart because I hate waste, but I couldn't in all conscience serve up foods dated 2011. The thing is when I first started shopping with AF there were still 6 of us to cook for and as I wasn't dieting I bulk bought all sorts of stuff that didn't get used once kids began moving out and I started on this healthier way of eating. Anyway, I had an enormous clear out, which was really good because now everything is arranged nicely on shelves where I can see it instead of being hidden in boxes beneath our bed. Also, I've soaked and cooked in my pressure cooker about 12 lbs of chick peas and haricot, red kidney and blackeye beans which were well out of date, but will now last for a long time in the freezer. Today I've sorted through the cupboard in the living room (and thrown more food out) and now I just need to do the kitchen cupboard. We certainly won't starve, apart from the beans we must have enough dried pasta and rice to last us a year. 

I also completed another 4 pages of DS's scrapbook this morning and I'm beginning to think I might actually get it finished in time.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I've had 3 bad days and 4 very good ones, so the result is very much in the balance this week. I'm hoping maybe I've done enough to lose 1lb of the 3lb I gained last week. Fingers crossed.


  1. What lovely news for you! I hope that the young couple have a good life together. Unfortunately, nobody can predict the future, but I do wish them well. My youngest son has been married for a few years now and they had a baby last year. The young mum seems to have a few problems when it comes to understanding what it is that makes a good marriage work. She doesn`t seem to think that she should do her equal share of child care, housework and try to provide a comfortable home to come to after her hard working husband comes home totally knackered from work. She`d rather spend her free time with her own mum and friends and forgets the need for a clean environment for hubby and child at home. It frustrates me as I can`t say anything to her, or else I`ll just end up being labelled as the bad mother in law. I`ve spoken to my son about my worries, and he wants to try and sort it with his wife. But, as she is really head strong I can see further problems arising. Unfortunately, talking between mother and mother in law might not work, as her mum is equally unaware of certain duties you just perform as a housewife. Cleanliness is a big issue in her household, too. I`m sad about it as my son`s wife could be such a lovely girl otherwise. But, her understanding of what equality within a marriage should be like is very poor. We enjoy the days we see my granddaughter and don`t want to sour the relationship between her mum and us, so I can`t approach her on the subject of running a household without loosing her
    willingness to let us see the child. It`s a tricky situation, and we never anticipated these kind of problems when my son got married. Nobody knows what the future holds, and we do hope they can work it out between themselves. Every engagement is received with open hearts and open arms by parents, and often the couples forget their wedding promises to each other once they`ve been married a few years and their lives have been suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of a baby. I will try to help with baby sitting whenever possible, but I can not take time out of my own running of a good household to help this young mum with cleaning and cooking duties. That`s her responsibility, and I do hope she can get herself organised with my son`s help. The last thing we want is a rift appearing in their marriage that can not be fixed.
    Sorry for letting off all this doom and gloom. I`m sure your daughter`s marriage will be a happy one.
    On a more cheerful note, though. Throwing out some food that has way way past it`s usable stages is no shame. Clearing some space on the kitchen shelves most likely makes it much more easy to keep track of items that need using. I really should have a similar culling session. Finding the time in between working and baby sitting is a bit difficult just now. I most likely end up dedicating a whole Sunday to having a kitchen blitz one day.

    1. Sorry you feel you daughter in law is shirking her duties, but I guess this is when us mum's have to bite our tongues and let the kids sort things out for themselves unless you thought your grandaughter was in any actual danger. It's so easy to say something and have it taken the wrong way, isn't it, even though it was said in good faith. Better for us to stay out of things if we can. It can be hard to sit back and watch, though. Luckily I haven't really faced a dilemma like that yet as I mostly get on with all my kids partners/girlfriends/boyfriends, though to be fair we don't see most of them all that often and my youngest son's girlfriend can be a bit annoying, but then she's still very young. I still feel bad about throwing out food, but it does make things so much easier to see on the shelves and we're now eating our way though my store. I still have a kitchen cupboard to sort out but I've not been motivated this week. It will get done over the next day or two. Now we just have to eat beans at least twice a week for the next year and we should get through the bags and bags I have in the freezer!

    2. You are so right about us mums having to take a step back and hold our tongues. I`m sure little Alyssa is in save hands with my daughter in law, but I just wish she could be more of a housewife that cares for the little one`s environment to grow up in. My son has spoken to her and we have offered help in looking after the baby more, so Chloe will have time to spend putting her household in order. We`ll keep fingers crossed that things will improve. It`s a step in the right direction that we welcome. Alyssa will now spend every Wednesday night and all of Thursday with us so that her mum has plenty of time to do her bit at home. We see more of the baby and hope that my son`s comfort at home will also improve.
      I`m going to follow your lead in having a good old sort out in the kitchen.
      Time to make space and organise what`s on my shelves, too. Next Friday might well be a good day for that.

  2. Congratulations all round xx When does hubby officially start his new job? Glad you had a good Half Term. X

    1. Thanks for the congrats. I'm just happy the wedding won't be until next year so we've got time to prepare (though they really don't want anything big and expensive). We're still not sure of all the details of DH's job. He's still officially employed through the agency until the weekend, but he's currently working a ton of extra hours covering for the guy he's taking over from. Since he's getting good money through this particular agency (a miracle; they're usually measly) he doesn't mind doing more hours while he's still on a high hourly rate of pay. We don't quite know whether he'll be orfficially on the college's books from next week or not, I think he said the co ordinator at the college was thrashing things out with the agency, but I know they want him to start as asap. Still have no idea what his salary will be either. They are so disorganised. Stupid way to run a college.