Monday, 3 February 2014

Ducks and Daughters

Hello and welcome to my new follower Thrift Deluxe.

I'm on a roll at the moment. Freezer and cutlery drawer cleaned and sorted yesterday, my big fridge done this morning. I only meant to have a quick clear out of items DD3 and BF had left behind in the fridge, but when I checked the salad drawer there was a carrier bag with some well-rotted lettuce inside. It had actually gone liquid and was leaking out and creating a smell so I cleaned the drawer out and the decided I might as well do the rest of it. I gave it a really good clean, all the shelves and compartments dismantled and washed, everything scrubbed, anything mouldy chucked out, and everything rearranged tidily. It looks great now and is practically empty since I got rid of so much stuff. I'm afraid I was a  bad girl and didn't bother emptying the contents of any jars to wash out and recycle them. There were so many and some were so disgusting I just chucked them in the rubbish. I'm ashamed I let it get so bad, but in my defence most of the discarded stuff was DD3's and I don't like to dispose of other people's things.

I've also spent money today despite my Super-Duper-No-Spend-Fabulous-Frugal-February promise. Unfortunately, we ran out of cat litter and since our moggies have always had wood pellet litter since birth and don't like cheaper stuff I spent £16 on 2 x 30 litre sacks from Jollye's pet shop. I also went to Aldi and spent another £2.75 on fruit and salad veg, and £1 in Savers on throat sweets as I have a tickly cough now my cold is almost gone. 

The weather today has been cold but fine so on my way to Aldi I walked the path that runs by our section of the River Dour. It's usually only a trickle (more a stream than a river) and parts of it tend to dry up in the summer, but with the extremely wet weather we've had it was very full and fast flowing. 

The ducks were loving it, but it's a bit of a worry with the water rising closer to the level of the path. The river is only a couple of hundred yards up the road from us and, although we've never had it overflow yet, with more rain forecast there's always a first time.

I was in the midst of the blitz on the fridge when DD1 called to say she wasn't required to give evidence in court today and did I fancy going for a coffee. I was just finishing up the cleaning when she arrived and we went into town. We were in Weatherspoons when DD2 called; she'd just finished at her interview in Faversham and was on her way back to Dover and did we want to pop round her place for coffee. So, that's what we did. The three of us had a good old chinwag and then DH arrived home early and he joined us. I had a lovely time with my girls but didn't get around to putting together the meal I was intending to make for dinner, so I just had an omelette with salad and DH had toasted ham and salad sandwiches. I'll do DS1 fried eggs and beans on toast when he gets home from work around 10pm.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I'm expecting another small gain. I put on 1 1/2 lb last week, and I've been pretty bad this week too with the stress of DD3 moving, and the moving out dinner and eating cupcakes, and with going out to dinner last night. Never mind, I'll try and eat more healthily this week.


  1. How lovely to have your daughters together for a while. Good luck with the weigh in x

    1. I get to see DD2 quite often as she now lives a couple of streets away, but since DD1 moved to Winchester early last year we only see her every few months. It was great for us to get together today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my weigh-in won't be too terrible as I've also had some really good days mixed in with the naughty ones.