Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Knitted Socks Mark 2

I live in awe of Bridget's knitting speed; she seems to knock up something new every single day. I though I was quite a fast knitter but in comparison it seems I'm a plodder. Still, I get things completed eventually. 

So, let me show case my latest creation, my second pair of socks knitted on 2 straight needles, made with contrast coloured toes and heels. 

I re-read the instructions and think I was casting off the toe incorrectly, and having knitted this pair the way they should be done they do look a whole lot neater.

This pair is for DH for Valentine's Day. I've wrapped them up in brown parcel paper and made a cord to tie around it with the two colours of wool I used for the socks. 

I put a little gold card inside that said something along the lines of my love was knitted into every stitch. 

These socks do come out very large; I've been knitting the large child's size rather than the women's ones as the first sock I tried out was absolutely huge. I wear mine indoors over other socks to keep my feet warm when I'm sitting about, but even so I think I could probably get away with making the middle-sized child's ones and they'd still fit. I've only made them in cheap acrylic yarn so far, but they are lovely and cosy and the first pair have washed well. I think this ribbed version helps them keep their shape.

We have blue skies here for a few minutes after an absolutely horrible morning with driving rain and wind whistling about the house. I didn't make it to my slimming club. I had every intention of going, but I got just a little way down the road, could hardly walk against the wind so turned around and came back home. I know I've gained this week anyway, since I checked on my own scales, but today I'm back on track and hope to make up for the past couple of weeks when I've had trouble sticking to the plan. Going to DD2's for dinner last night and having fajitas and apple and blueberry pie with cream didn't help. I generally stick to fruit and soup the day before weigh in so all that food wasn't a good idea. It was yummy, though, and lovely to get an invite rather than me catering for everyone. Next Sunday we're going to DD3 and BF's new flat for a roast with all the trimmings; I'll definitely have to make up for that on the Monday before weigh day.

I'm trying to decide what craft project to do next. I mght try another of the sock patterns on the leaflet, although I do have to make a start on DS2's scrapbook now that we have a working printer. After looking at various scrapbooks online and trying to find a good deal I gave in and ordered this one since he's so into his music, and I'm just waiting for it to be delivered.

Of course, I'll be replacing the cute little girl with a suitable pic of DS. It was dearer than I intended, but for a 21st birthday gift for my baby boy it was worth paying out a bit more to get something just right for him.

Dinner tonight is a healthy quorn fillet and seafood stir fry with fragrant Thai rice. I found the small pack of seafood when I cleaned the freezer; the quorn fillets (also from the freezer) will be sliced and used instead of chicken; the fresh stir fry veg was 79p from Aldi; the rice is from my stockpile, as are the soy sauce, ginger and chilli I'll use for flavour.

The only other news I have is DH has an interview on Thursday for a permanent lecturing post at the college where he's been supply teaching for the past 4 months. It would be lovely if he got it for the job security and so I wouldn't have to save money when he is working to cover the holiday periods. He'll also get sick pay if he's ill and can start paying into a pension scheme again. If he doesn't get it he'll still probably stay on there as a supply teacher, and if not he's had a couple of teaching agencies contact him lately about long-term contracts. But...fingers crossed for the permanent job, especially as he'd much rather teach at the college than have to go back to a school.

That's about it today. Hope all is well with you and yours, and you get to see just a tiny bit of blue sky today.


  1. I will cross my fingers that the interview is a good one with the job at the end. Job security may be a myth but people still have to learn. We did get some sunshine, just enough to have a 30 minute walk.

    1. We've learned that there really is no such thing as total job security nowadays. DH has been made redundant three times, the last time from a job as a permanent teacher at a secondary school while he was off sick with stress. But a full time job will take away the worry about whether he'll have work from week to week and it will mean we can plan the money better without having to put a huge chunk each month aside for those times when he isn't working and doesn't get paid. I'm glad you managed to get out for a walk. I did pop around Aldi but that's only 5 minutes each way. I'm hoping for better weather and a longer walk tomorrow.

  2. We had quite a bit of blue sky here today. Love those socks x you are a soppy pair aren't you? I'm sure your hubby will love them x wish him all the best for his interview and let us know how he gets on x

    1. I'm hoping for a longer period of dry weather tomorrow so I can get out for a decent walk; I get stir crazy when I'm stuck inside. We're both hoping he gets the job and he stands a good chance since he's already been teaching there for 4 months already, but they have to advertise the job and are interviewing others, so someone else might still be better suited to it. At least it looks like he'll be kept on as a supply teacher, but of course he only gets paid for the days he works and doesn't get holiday or sick pay.