Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Busy morning

Lovely weather here today, but I've had a lot to do at home so have only managed a quick trip along the road to Aldi.  

Speaking of Aldi, they must be doing well in this awful economic climate because ours is expanding. Our local store is cloaked in scaffolding and wooden boarding at the moment because they are extending out into the car park. I know this because I earwigged in on a conversation between the manager and another customer. They're adding another aisle of goods and an 2 extra checkouts (don't know whay they're bothering with the checkouts since the 5 they have now are never fully manned, or should that be personned). Apparently careful planning means they will only be losing one car parking space. I'm pleased that they will possibly be stocking more items since, after Morrisons, Aldi is the place I shop most often. I only use Morrisons more because they have a better range of goods, but if Aldi has more choice then they could well become my number 1.

So, what have I been up to today that's kept me inside and busy from 7.30 am to 1.30pm when I finally got to sit down.Well, DD3 and BF have the lead roles of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the local am dram production of Jesus Christ Superstar and thay are having a bake sale tonight to raise funds so I've made some more of these:-

I've also spent an hour and a half and completed two double-paged spreads for DS2's scrapbook. 

 And these are the pages I did the other day. 

The ones of him with his bands aren't quite done yet as I need to get some appropriate rock star wording. I now have about 5-6 double spreads to do and a couple of single pages. Apologies for the picture quality I'm still getting to grips with all the camera features on my new phone.

I also made a Sausage Casserole in my slow cooker for mine and DS1's dinner using a 30% reduced price pack of Aldi sausages (normal price £1.09) and veg and cooked kidney beans from the freezer. I also mixed in some bits from the fridge; a little baked bean sauce and some gravy leftover from the liver and bacon we had the other day

This will be served with garlic and coriander couscous from Approved Foods (4 for £1)

While the cakes were baking I whizzed the Hoover around to clean up the mess made by the cat's litter. It seems to get all over the place despite their litter trays being placed on large pieces of lino.

I've also been to Aldi and back, done piles of washing up as a result of all the cooking and I finally got around to emailing my penfriend in Alabama.

Nothing very taxing I suppose but all that standing around in the kitchen and then bending over the table scrapbooking has left my legs and back aching. Perhaps that has something to do with the 3lbs extra weight I'm carrying around...yes, I gained 3lbs this week, but then I've been very, very naughty with my eating for the past couple of weeks. Never mind, its happened before and it will come off again.

Tomorrow is volunteering day and late afternoon DH will be back from Bridgend, so I'm making the most of my last quiet evening.

Hope you are all well out there in blogland and the weather has been better where you are.


  1. Wow you've certainly had a busy day! Our Aldi expanded too, although I couldn't really see much difference inside. I've noticed, however, that they are not quite as cheap as they used to be. All that TV advertising to pay for I guess. I find Asda cheaper on some lines. Shopping around to keep costs down is a challenge! We are having reduced chicken breasts from the freezer, wrapped in posh reduced bacon from happy pigs served with ( non slow cookered!!) jacket potatoes and beans from the store cupboard! I love half term having been round at my friend for a good two hour chinwag!! Can't believe it's almost over - it doesn't go thus fast when I'm at work!

  2. The cakes look lush! Enjoy your last night of peace and tranquility as the snoring may resume tomorrow night!!

  3. The cakes look great. Some of my family are am dram luvvies. I love the music of JCS so a great show for you to look forward to. Aldi is my preferred shop too. I remember when it opened I just went to "have a look" but I was hooked from the beginning. Their fruit and veg is so cheap :}