Friday, 31 January 2014

Make Do And Mend And Tomato Ice Cubes.

One of the cats tipped my laundry basket over yesterday and it ended up with a jagged hole in the bottom. My immediate reaction - oh, hell, I'll have to get a new one. Then I came to my senses and in true wartime make do and mend spirit I went hunting for the parcel tape. Couldn't find it as DD and BF have pinched it to seal up their moving boxes. So, I raided the kitchen drawers and found some wide, plasticy electrical tape that was just the right colour. Can you see the mend? Well, yes, you can but its not a bad job is it? I patched it on both sides and it will certainly do for a while to stop the pegs falling through the bottom.

After my make do and mend repair I made some tomato ice cubes. Not that they'll actually be used as ice cubes, but I have some large tins of tomato puree courtesy of Approved Foods and this is my way of storing the contents once the tin has been opened. I freeze spoonfuls in ice cubes trays, then pop them out and store them in bags in the freezer.

Tonight was the moving out dinner for DD3 and BF. DH had made delicious vege sausage meatballs in a tomato and mushroom sauce with spaghetti.

I baked vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and chocolate-covered flapjacks.

That's the last of the catering sized bag of flapjack mix from AF. It was lovely but I'm glad its used up because it was far too tempting.

On the way to Aldi this morning I nipped into the Hospice Charity shop and ended up breaking my resolve to not buy more wool. They had a part-used ball of the bobble wool I used to make DD2's cowl/snood scarf this Christmas. It was £2 and when I weighed it there was 180g so about 3/4 of a ball that's about £6-7 full price. It's in pale greens, pinks, mauves, greys and creamy white. I'll knit another scarf and either give it as a gift or sell it.

I've also dug through my piles of wool and have started another pair of socks. I'm using the same 1x1 rib pattern using 2 shades of blue. I think I'll give them to DH for Valentine's. Maybe not the most romantic pressie but I'll tell him that every stitch was knitted with love. Ah, cute!

Tomorrow is the big moving day but they seem to have most things sorted so hopefully all will go smoothly. I hope the weather improves, its once again teaming down with rain and blowing a gale here. Hope the weather's better where you are.

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  1. Hope the move goes well. Weather's not meant to be brilliant. Brilliant idea for the tomoto puree. I'll have to remember that. Loving that wool. It's so unusual when it's knitted up x