Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bring It On!

I'm not making any real resolutions for 2017 but I do want to try and eat a bit more healthily. Although I've managed to keep the weight off for over 2 years I've gradually slipped into eating less and less fruits and veggies, eating too much meat, too many cakes, biccies and chocolate, and going for quick and easy meals rather than healthier food choices. So that's one area I want to address. 

I also want to push myself and join at least one more social/interest group. I've let myself get extremely isolated and cut off over the past few years since suffering depression and social anxiety, but shortly before Xmas I met an old school friend twice by accident in town. I hadn't seen her for over 40 years and to meet her twice within a week seemed too much like fate to ignore. We've now 'friended' each other on Facebook and she is also in touch with a few other mutual friends so there are tentative plans for us to meet up for coffee or lunch in the New Year. There are also several local craft groups I might check out, and our new house is nearer the church DH attends and I occasionally go to and there are various social events there that would be easier for us to get to. The idea of all of this scares me me silly, but I know if I don't start to push myself I will just get worse and worse.

Mostly, though, 2017 will revolve around certain big events for our family that are already on the cards. So far there are 3 of these - moving house, hopefully within the first 3 months of the year, my 60th birthday in June and DD3's wedding at the end of July. It's also possible that DS2 will move to the States and get married this year if the red tape goes through fairly swiftly. In theory this means we'll be going over to America at least once...DH will fly for the first time and I haven't flown since I was 21.

So, changes are coming without me making explicit plans. I just hope that DH and my kids' health will be better this year and I won't spend half the year accompanying one or the other to hospital appointments.

As for this New Year's Eve...DD3 and his fiance are spending the night in Canterbury and going to a Great Gatsby inspired event. DH, DS1 and I are going for lunch at 2pm, and then depending on how noisy or quiet our neighbours are tonight we'll either stay in and watch Harry Potter and have nibbles and wine, or we'll head out to the pub for a couple of hours instead of listening to the racket coming through the walls.

So, bring on 2017!


  1. I am also not good at joining social groups. I find it really awkward and prefer being in my own company. I do go out to lunch with friends once a month. I'd like to join some crafty groups, but probably won't as it would cause anxiety to go!

    Good luck with all the changes. We have a big change coming up as daughter is moving 600+ miles away from us. We set off on Wednesday to get her moved.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Sharon. I'm exactly the same as you. I really prefer my own company but also feel as if I should socialise more. I've been considering joining a craft group for ages but haven't managed to take that final step and actually go to a meeting. It's hard, isn't it when a child moves away? I cried my eyes out when each of mine moved out, even when my oldest only moved to her own flat a few streets away. Now 2 of my daughters live across the country and when DS2 marries he'll probably move to the US. I hope all goes well for you and her. Happy New Year, love Helen xx