Wednesday, 28 December 2016


When was Christmas Day? Only 3 days ago? Really?

So why are there Valentine's Day cards on display in W H Smith? 

Absolutely Ridiculous. 

Nowadays we don't get the chance to savour and then recover from one special celebration before we're being urged to prepare for the next. I'm sure that before Valentine's even arrives we'll be inundated with Mother's Day cards and gifts and simultaneously it will be Easter cards and eggs.

I don't necessarily object to celebrating any of these events and usually give or receive some kind of token marking them, but I do hate that there seems to be no break between one and the next. I was starting to panic that I didn't begin my Xmas preparations until about 2 weeks before the day, but now I'm actually glad that I waited and didn't spend months (from the end of August when I first saw Xmas cards and advent calendars in the shops) on something that lasted a couple of days, was over before I blinked and before we're expected to move on to planning for the next consumer spending spree.

Okay, that's my mini rant over. I'm actually looking forward to Valentine's day this year as DD3 and BF gave us a voucher for Christmas for a meal at a restaurant we've been wanting to try and we've decided to save it for Valentine's Day. Normally, though, we make each other a card and might treat ourselves to coffee and cake at our favourite tea room...we certainly don't start spending a fortune on the the event before the Xmas decorations are packed away.

Dinner tonight is macaroni cheese incorporating some scraps of gammon, and served as a side dish to leftover sausages and more sliced gammon.

It was pretty cold and frosty here today but still lovely and bright. I hope the weather isn't too wintry where you are.

Have a good evening, love Helen x

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