Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Waste Not Want Not

As we had our Christmas Day at DD3's place I don't have much in the way of leftovers this year. However there is some gammon from the joint we had with crusty rolls and pickles for Xmas breakfast and there was some spicy minced beef left from the tacos and wraps we had on Christmas Eve. There was also a little cream and I had loads of cheddar. 

Today I made a start on using up the remains.

I made 2 quiches using a sheet of shortcrust pastry from the freezer, the quarter carton of double cream, a little milk, 3 eggs, 150g cheddar, a couple of chopped, fried onions and some chopped gammon. One of these was served with mashed potatoes, carrots and sprouts for tonight's dinner and the other will be frozen for another day. 

The leftover spicy beef was combined with some finely chopped, cooked potato, a chopped, fried onion and 50g grated cheddar and made in to 6 pasties using a pack of frozen puff pastry. These will do for lunches for the boys. 

I still have a chunk of gammon remaining that will be sliced for sandwiches and the scraps added to a macaroni cheese for later in the week.

This morning we went for a lovely walk to Kearsney Abbey on the outskirts of Dover. It never was an abbey just a posh house and is now ruins, but there's a lovely tea shop there where we sat and had a cuppa and watched the swans and ducks on the lake. 

It was cold, with morning frost still on the grass in places at 2 in the afternoon, but on the whole we've been extremely lucky with the weather. In fact, it's been so mild that there is blossom on several of the trees around and about. 

I also made mint choc chip muffins whilst the oven was on earlier...and I'm just indulging in one while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I've never watched beyond the third HP film before so I'm saying 'bye for now so I can actually watch properly instead of doing 2 or 3 things at once as I usually do and missing half of the action. 

Have a great evening everyone. Love, Helen xx


  1. ive bagged three big bags of christmas mash , a mix of stuffing sprouts parsnips broccoli and potato, i did deliberately overdo the quantities on the veg front . Theres even a big bag of roasties , Turkey curry last night got rid of that and we just have the ham to finish over the next few days , ive thrown out a single breadcrust this year a new record for food waste over xmas

  2. Well done, Kate. I've also got some stuff in the freezer left from the pre-Christmas dinner I hosted a week before Xmas...sliced pork, stuffing, chicken legs and some veg. Tonight I'm adding gammon scraps to a macaroni cheese and serving with a few leftover sausages and more sliced gammon.