Friday, 2 December 2016

Still Looking

Well, this week has been quite eventful.

Last Saturday was spent house hunting since we still hadn't heard back from the owner of the house we'd previously offered on. We found a gorgeous flat in the centre of Deal, a short walk from the seafront and pier, that we really liked and we offered on it within a couple of hours of viewing. Our offer was accepted the same day and we were happy campers. We informed our estate agent and solicitors and made an appointment to make the mortgage application. 

On Tuesday morning our buyers came round to start measuring up and we discussed trying to fast track things as there was no chain at either end of the transaction. I started planning on where we'd put our furniture and the adaptations we'd have to make to own and live in a flat, which neither of us had ever done before.

Fast forward a couple of hours. I'd just returned home from a lovely early Xmas lunch with my slimming club and saw I had a voicemail from the sellers' estate agent. I returned the call. The lady at the other end couldn't have been more apologetic but the sellers of the flat had gone behind their backs and accepted a cash offer from another buyer. So that was that. A second place we'd liked enough to want to buy and another one we weren't intended to live in. C'est la vie! Anyway, I phoned our agent to let our buyers know it would take more time for us to find somewhere else. Thankfully they've said they're happy to work to our timetable as they're buying to let out, but even so they won't wait forever. 

I was ill on Wednesday, fighting off a migraine. Too much excitement both good and bad over the last few days. And I think I just needed a time out from fretting about houses. 

I had an easy day on Thursday but I was still productive spending money online. Yes, I have finally done some Xmas shopping. In fact, with a £6 off a £60 Tesco spend, a meat delivery arranged from a local butcher and a Body Shop order, plus some chocs bought during a shopping trip, I've done nearly the whole of my Christmas shopping in just a couple of days. I need to buy gift vouchers and a couple of other bits and then I'm done. Thankfully I had £170 in £2 and 50p coins in my sealed savings tin and that has paid for most of what I've already ordered. 

Today I'm fine and back on form. I've put a coat of fresh paint on the bathroom ceiling and started on the walls in preparation for our visitors from America arriving next week, and I've found us 2 more properties to view tomorrow. One is a flat that we could buy without a mortgage once our house is sold, and the other is a house in a slightly quieter area, an end of terrace and only linked to neighbours by an upstairs room above a side alley between the 2 almost detached. Both look good in the descriptions and the flat is in the same block where my oldest daughter bought her first home so we do know that area. Anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow. If we end up offering on either, let's hope it will be third time lucky!

Other news...DD3 and BF are coming to us for a belated birthday meal (for her) this Sunday. her meal of choice each year is vege sausage meatballs and spaghetti with vanilla cupcakes for dessert. And DS1 has an appointment on Weds morning for his first counselling session. We're also trying to get him help in filling out his PIP forms but the relevant organisations who offer advice are booked up until after his deadline of 22nd December when the forms need to be returned. His Information Officer is trying to arrange an alternative for him. 

Oh, and we already have our tree and decorations up thanks to DS2. We generally don't put them up until a few days before Xmas and take them down a few days after, but he wanted them up early this year. I'll likely be sick of them by the time the big day arrives.

I think that's all for my catch up. How are your preparations going (if at all)? Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Am gearing up to getting the tree up! Got to get it down from the loft first!

  2. I am so sorry you were gazumped. It is such a nasty practice. Good for you for taking it so well.

  3. Hope third time is the charm. I'm doing my last craft show today and after that I can think about the Christmas decorating. Good luck with the house viewings!

  4. re the PIP application; if you get the first appointment you can, then ring DWP, they are usually good at putting an extension on the time. I just wish everything else about getting PIP was as easy!