Monday, 26 December 2016

This Year's Best Pressie Is...

...a new daughter-in-law!

DS2 and his American girlfriend got engaged 2 days before Xmas but waited until the actual day to break the news.

There'll be a minefield of red tape etc. before they can get married and be together (DS will eventually move out to the States so I'll be losing my baby boy) but I'm thrilled for them. 

So, I had a wonderful Christmas day at DD3s and received lots of lovely pressies but a new family member has to be the best of all.

On another subject, I didn't waste my time queueing at 1 am to wait for the shops to open to nab a load of rubbish I didn't need and couldn't afford but as I was passing the Card Factory this afternoon I did grab some rolls of wrapping paper (6 for £1), 4 x 10 packs cards at 49p each and a pack of gift tags for 49p, so that's me all set for Christmas 2017.

Here's hoping you received all you wished for this Christmas. Love to you all, Helen xx

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