Sunday, 11 December 2016

Nearly Ready

Considering that 2 weeks ago I hadn't bought a single Christmas pressie I am now almost ready for the big day. I've spent this afternoon wrapping pressies and writing most of the cards. DH has a few to write for his relatives and friends and then that side of things is done.

This week I've also had a Tesco delivery and a meat order from our local butcher. Next Sunday (18th) I'm hosting a pre-Christmas family dinner while DD2 and her husband are visiting from Cheltenham. There'll be 10 of us including our 2 American visitors. I have 2 chickens I bought yellow-stickered a few weeks ago, a joint of pork and a small gammon joint, plus stuffings, chipolatas and the usual trimmings. DD2 is vegetarian so I also have a Quorn roast, vege chipolatas and stuffing etc. I have Christmas pud and mince pies for dessert and will make a cake of some kind for those who prefer something without dried fruit in it. I don't think we'll starve!

In addition to the Xmas preparations the spare room and bathroom have both received a quick coat of paint before our American visitors arrive on Tuesday. DS2 did most of the work on the spare room and I did the bathroom. It's pretty rough looking but a whole lot better than it was beforehand.

And...drum roll please...we have found another property, had an offer accepted and have got as far as the mortgage application being processed and the valuation inspection is booked for next Weds. This time it's a 2 bedroomed end terrace house in Dover (we've given up on finding something in Deal within our budget). It's a much quieter road and although it's end of terrace it's more like a link-detached house as it only shares one bedroom wall with the neighbours over a shared side passage. It's a lot smaller than where we currently live but it has 2 reception rooms, one of which we'll use as a third bedroom until one of the boys moves out, a lovely modern kitchen and bathroom and, what's more, a proper garden. The current owners have done a lot  of work to the house and it's beautifully decorated and has some period features including a wonderful Victorian tiled fireplace in the lounge. Fingers crossed it's third time lucky and this time everything goes through smoothly.

Tuesday is a busy day with our visitors arriving late afternoon, an appointment for DS1 with his Autistic team's information officer at 2pm, Xmas drinks and nibbles at my slimming club in the morning and DD2 and SIL arriving from Cheltenham in the evening. Thankfully they're staying with his parents so I don't have to cram in more visitors. At least the church doesn't need DH's help at the soup kitchen after all, so I don't have to fit soup-making in to my schedule, and he won't have to go out early evening. A good job too since he's got another cold at the moment and isn't feeling too good again. 

And finally, an expense I could do filling fell out this afternoon so I have a dentist's appointment on Friday morning. I shouldn't complain too much though, it was supposed to be a temporary filling about 18 months ago so has lasted well. At least I'll have it fixed in plenty of time for Christmas.

How are your preparations going? Everything done yet? Or have you still to get started?

Have a good evening everyone. Love, Helen xx


  1. Well done. I pray that everything drops into place. Well done on the Christmas prep. I came home from a cruise yesterday and almost every gift is in the house. Not as organised as you.

  2. Thank you, Suze. Lucky you, hope you enjoyed your cruise. I'm sure all your pressies will get wrapped and ready for the day. Love, Helen xx