Thursday, 6 October 2016

Random Mutterings

Not much of interest going on here at the moment so I'll just ramble on for a bit.

The weather's definitely getting colder, but not cold enough yet to warrant putting the heating on. Our boiler is about 18 years old, a big floor-standing Potterton that I've had serviced every year since we moved into the house 2 years after it had been fitted. The next service is due in January but I fired it up this morning to check the radiators would come on, not wanting a nasty surprise when we do finally need to use it, and all seemed fine. We could probably get a more energy efficient model and more up-to-date radiators, but that would cost a lot and we'll most likely move from this house within the next 5 years so unless it actually breaks down it doesn't seem worth it. 

There's a lot needs doing to the house, it's a real doer-upper, but as we're getting older it won't be long before we start looking for something with fewer floors and less stairs so we're reluctant to spend money on it when we might not stay here long enough to reap the benefits. Both houses either side of us are up for sale and how long we stay here will also depend on who we get as new neighbours. We've had our fair share of issues with the ones on one side of us, but we could get worse. I wish we could afford to buy somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours to worry about, but unless we win the lottery...

DS2 is back to work at the castle but his contract goes to zero hours at the end of this month so he's looking for seasonal work until the new season starts up again at the end of February/beginning of March. He's hoping his American girlfriend can come over for Xmas. We're going to DD3's again this Xmas so I won't have to put on a big spread for the actual day.

I've already knitted the back and both fronts of my cardigan and made a start on one of the sleeves. I don't really enjoy knitting with super-chunky wool and such big needles (sizes 8mm and 10mm); they make my wrists ache. But I do like how quickly the work grows. 

And finally, some cuteness. 

Yesterday was DD2's birthday and I had sent the cat blanket in with her pressies. Wookie loves it and she posted this pic of him on Facebook.

Have a good night everybody. Love, Helen xx


  1. That's a lovely blanket!

  2. Hi Helen, it's always lovely to read a post of yours. Our house is always needing something doing, but I'm too, waiting for a lottery win! Zero hours contracts are RUBBISH. GOOD LUCK TO YOUR DS and I hope he gets something soon xx

    1. We've lived here 17 years, Rachel, but never intended to be here that long. The number of times we've said we'll move and haven;t...each time putting off doing repairs, replacing stuff etc. It now needs everything doing to kitchen, bathroom, windows, central heating etc but I don't want to spend on it when we don't intend staying here much longer. I agree about the zero hours contracts...they should be outlawed.