Thursday, 20 October 2016

Weekend Away

We're off on our hols to Great Yarmouth tomorrow. Well, a long weekend, returning Sunday evening.It's been touch and go whether DH would be well enough to travel; he's had a cold and a tickly cough but after a trip to the docs yesterday morning he has antibiotics, and with throat sweets to suck on he's not too bad today. 

Our bags are more or less packed, laundry more or less up to date and food left for the boys if they want it. They'll probably not bother, and anyway DS2 likes to cook while we're away. I've also left money for a takeaway should they want one.

We're looking forward to walking in new places, weather permitting, and hopefully visiting Norwich Cathedral; we do like looking around churches and other religious buildings. 

While DH was at his doctor's yesterday I went with DD1 to his doctor's surgery to discuss his assessment report. As a consequence he is also being referred for psychiatric assessment; he suffers dreadfully with anxiety, has issues sleeping (very vivid dreams) and depression. Apparently this is extremely common in people with autism, their brains are constantly overloaded with stimuli and they can't shut down. I sometimes get like that myself and can't sleep but to be like that every day and wonder he has trouble coping with the world around him. Since we started this assessment procedure I've gained much more insight into what he deals with day in day out. Anyway, although it does mean more appointments with professionals at least things are moving in the right direction. About time; it's more than 18 months since he was first referred.

I've thrown together a pasta sauce in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner and I've made choc chip muffins to have with ice cream for dessert. I would have done cowboy beans but don't think the other passengers on the coach tomorrow would appreciate the pollution we might produce.

So that's all for now. See you when we get back. Have a good weekend. Love Helen xx

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  1. I have so much awe for people who have autism. I've had training in a stimulation classroom, how they learn anything with what's going on is just beyond me. But with help hopefully he'all very able to get sorted xx