Saturday, 29 October 2016

Bits and Pieces

DH is still feeling rough. He can't seem to shake his cough completely and his chest feels tight and uncomfortable. He saw a GP at the hospital (when there aren't appointments available at the surgery we can sometimes see a GP at the local outpatients) on Thursday who said his chest was clear, but he's still feeling like sh*t and having coughing fits. It's doubtful whether he'll go back to work on Monday. If he keeps getting sick over the winter and can't keep this job and has to go back to supply teaching we won't be selling the house and moving; we can't take the chance of not being able to afford any new mortgage payments. He takes after his mum who had an extremely weak chest; you wouldn't think he has hardy Scottish blood in him, he's definitely a wimpy southerner LOL!

We've signed an agreement with the estate agent and are having the photos taken on Tuesday next week and an open house viewing on 12th November. We've got a quote for solicitor's fees and an agreement in principle for a mortgage but we'll have to see how things go. Worst case scenario we end up having to stay put but can release some equity and do the place up a bit, but I'd really like to move to a quieter area. 

That's enough about houses; I'm getting obsessed with checking out properties and calculating repayments etc. 

Let's talk knitting instead. I've finally picked up my cardigan again and I'm up to the raglan shaping on the second sleeve. If I keep at it it should be finished within a few days. Not that I've needed it lately; it was so warm today I didn't even need a coat when I went into town. I'm also halfway through making a woolly hat; I'm going to knit a few from my odds and ends of yarn and donate them to the local Outreach centre that provides facilities for homeless people, feeding them and providing washing facilities but also helping them find accommodation and work etc. in conjunction with Porchlight.

Still no Christmas pressies bought yet. I'll have to start shopping sometime. It should be an interesting time this year, not only is DS2's American girlfriend coming over but also her best friend will be staying with us for a week from 14th -21st December. DS2 is clearing out and cleaning up our littlest bedroom at the top of the house. It's in quite a state, having been vacant for a couple of years and just left pretty much as a junk room. We're going to give it a lick of paint and hopefully it won't be too terrible for our visitor. I'll need to get a new duvet and pillows; our spares are also in quite a state. As you can tell we're not used to having visitors. 

I think that's about it for my waffling. I'll hopefully post a pic of me wearing my new cardigan sometime next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love, Helen xx

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