Tuesday, 1 November 2016

For Sale!

The 'For Sale' sign went up this morning and we also received the property description for our approval. It's been described as in need of refurbishment, and as an ideal property to do up to rent out. Too true! At least that way viewers will know what to expect.The photographer came round this afternoon; he'll return next week to take additional photos of the back yard when it's cleared out as at the moment it's stuffed full of old mattresses and a bedstead that the council will come and collect this Thursday. Tomorrow morning the energy survey is being done. I just have to return our signed declaration that the details are correct and then we'll go live by the end of the week. Open house viewing on Saturday 12th Nov. Fingers crossed for an early sale.

I went with DS1 to his assessment for CBT yesterday; just for moral support, he saw the therapist by himself. He's been put on the waiting list. The therapist apologised that it might be a long wait, 4-8 weeks. That seems quick to us after the 15 month wait for his initial autism assessment, plus an extra 4 months for his second assessment and receipt of the actual diagnosis and report. Some of the other recommendations in his report will come under the remit of other services, hopefully that will be sorted when he's assessed by the social services at the end of the month. Slowly but surely we're moving forward.

Having been so busy today (slimming club this morning before the photographer this afternoon) I made a quick dinner tonight thanks to my slow cookers. In one I tossed a bag of frozen Quorn mince (Aldi £1.49), half a bag of value frozen mixed veg (approx 50p), some frozen sliced leeks (25p) and a sachet of sausage casserole mix (25p - 4 for £1 from Approved Foods); in the other I cooked 4 baking potatoes I got yellow-stickered from Asda for 39p. Left to bubble away for 4 hours on high it was cheap and delicious. Served 4 at approx 75p a portion.

And finally, here's my knitted patchwork blanket on the sofa; Shadow thinks it's very comfortable.

Have a good evening everyone. Love, Helen xx


  1. Best wishes for a swift and successful sale.

  2. I missed this post somehow ( well if you read the blog I've been a little preoccupied of late ) but the blanket looks very snuggy and warm. I have zero yellow stickers meat in the freezer. I have used it all! This will not do at all and I need to get searching again!

  3. Hope you're over the dreaded tummy bug. I hate when DH brings a bug home from school, you just wait for it to bite and go round the family. The joys of being a teacher! My freezer is also pretty empty but I'm trying to mostly make do with what I have before I do a bit of a stock up for Xmas.I only buy yellow-stickered meat when it's a really good deal as I can generally buy cheaper or better quality at the local butcher. I did get 2 packs of 'posh' pork mince yellow-stickered in M&S the other day. I've managed to get some bargains in there before so it's worth checking them out from time to time. Hope you're all better. Love Helen xx