Saturday, 12 November 2016

So Much For That

For whatever reason (and it could have been the horrible wet weather), of the 4 viewings we had booked today only 2 showed up. I suppose 50% isn't bad, but I had hoped for better. I'm just hoping the 2 booked for Wednesday aren't no-shows. I'm impatient, I know it, but when I get an idea in my head I want to act on it right away...and I so want to move now we've made that decision. How have I never learned patience in my nearly 60 years on this Earth? 

I now have 2 houses to see in Deal on Tuesday, one is a new build and the other only a couple of years old. One we could just afford with a small top-up mortgage, the other would need to be financed under a shared equity scheme although we'd have a substantial deposit to put down. Both would depend on us getting a reasonable price for this place. Dammit, I wish I could think of something other than houses at the moment; it's driving me mad going over and over the different possibilities and I must be driving everyone else (including you good folks) insane talking about it all the time. I still think I might be slightly bi-polar, I get so manic over things. 

Once the last of our 2 'visitors' had left DH and I ventured into town. It stayed dry for the 15 minutes it took us to walk there but by the time we'd left the library it was peeing down again so it was quick march to get back home. At least I got out of the house, I've spent 2 days inside this week when it rained non-stop from dawn til dusk. 

Dinner tonight is Iceland's cod in breadcrumbs, oven chips and peas (mushy peas for me). Last night it was Brains' faggots, mash and peas. Not very original, or healthy, but I was going for easy to prepare with everything else going on. 

The cod was 6 pieces for £3, so 50p per portion, the chips 95p for 1kg from Aldi and the peas are Tesco's value, approx 50 pence worth used. This makes each serving (for 4 of us) around 85-90p (including half a tin of mushies for me).

A 6-pack of faggots in gravy was on offer in Iceland for 89p, and we had 2 trays between 4 of us served with one and a half packs of Aldi frozen mash (59p a bag) and another half bag of Tesco peas, making each meal approx 80p. It proves that with careful shopping it's possible to make 'ready-meal' type food affordable for those days you don't have the time (or inclination) to make anything more time-consuming. Tomorrow I'm hoping to cook something a little more 'homemade' with the minced pork I got yellow-stickered from M & S. it's worth checking them out sometimes; I've managed to get some lovely reduced price meat on several occasions.

I think that's about it for now and I have to go check our fish and chips dinner in the oven.

Have a good Saturday evening. Love, Helen xx

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  1. I too love yellow stickered stuff from Marksies - it feels ever so more luxurious!!