Friday, 18 November 2016

Looking Hopeful

More house stuff, I'm afraid. 

But exciting for us because...

...we might have a buyer. 

After a week of having people traipsing through the house, we've actually had 3 offers. All are below the asking price but then with the amount of work that needs doing we were expecting that. One offer we've already turned down as it was £25,000 under, but the other 2 we are considering. One in particular is extremely promising, a buy-to-let investor who will be a cash buyer. The other has made exactly the same offer but needs to be approved for finance. At the moment we've asked the estate agent to sound them out to see whether they'd be prepared to go a bit higher, but if not we'll probably accept the cash offer. 

Tomorrow DH and I are going to Deal for a second viewing on a house I saw on Tuesday with DS1. It has 3 decent-sized bedrooms, a decent lounge, large modern kitchen/diner, utility room, downstairs cloakroom, and an okay bathroom. There's a small neat front garden and a small back garden with an outbuilding and a shed. It's all been well maintained and the garden is lovely. The only down side is it's on a busier road than we would have liked, but still quieter than where we are now, and the area used to be a bit rough but seems to have improved in the 20 years since we last lived in Deal. That's the opposite of the area we live in now which used to be really nice but with lots of properties now being multiple occupancy it's has gone down hill over the past few years. Since we can't afford to buy in the really nice areas of Deal we'll have to settle for second best, but still preferable to our current location. 

If DH likes it too then it would be perfect as there's no onward chain. With a cash buyer for our place and no waiting in a chain for the occupant of the other house to move then things could go forward quite quickly and we could be relocated early next year. 

If we don't go for that then there's a lovely new build we saw that we could afford with shared equity if we were approved. It's gorgeous but has only 2 bedrooms and at the moment we still have our 2 boys living with us, although at least one of them is likely to move out within the next year. 

With all this going on and trying to keep the house looking as presentable as possible for our 'visitors' (plus walking 8 miles around Deal for hours on Tuesday) I'm cream-crackered tonight. And, of course, our beloved neighbours have decided to play their music loud enough for us to share. Bless them...grrrrr! I know we can't guarantee we won't have neighbour issues wherever we move but I can't wait to get away from this lot.

So, that's my news. And my little moan for the night. Sleep well everybody.

Love Helen xx


  1. I hope you find that buyer soon.

  2. Fingers crossed one of the buyers work out for you, a cash sale would be great. Enjoy your rest.

    1. Thank you. Things are progressing nicely and I'll update as soon as I have the full picture.

  3. Hope it all comes together with a buyer - in a former life I worked in ASB so would say if you decide to go with the 3 bedroomed, do a number of visits at different times of the day and on different days - you'll get a better feel for the area then and what it's like - and if possible give the shared ownership a good deal of thought, its possible to loose control when you're in partnership with a Housing authority - we had a friend who went to an early grave after selling his shared ownership property - the HA insisted on re valuing his property every month whilst it was up for sale - he never knew what they were going to value it at next - he managed to eventually sell and was dead within 12 months - we all blamed the stress that the HA put him under with that sale xxx

    1. Thanks for the advice, Trudie. We've viewed twice now, and we do know something of the area. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. House buying can be so stressful without being badgered by an uncaring housing association. We'd look carefully into the pros and cons. Thanks again. Love Helen xx