Saturday, 8 October 2016

Latest Bargain

The weather has been pretty miserable here today, overcast, occasional showers and only the odd flash of sun breaking through the dark clouds. It's definitely colder too. I wore a long-sleeved nightshirt, leggings and socks in bed last night. I haven't quite needed a hot water bottle yet.

We did manage a slightly longer walk into town this morning despite the showers, but didn't quite notch up our 10,000 steps. We spent half an hour reading the local papers in the library and then treated ourselves to a hot choc for DH and caramel latte for me. 

We also popped into Miles and Barr estate agents and have made an appointment for next Saturday to discuss a possible valuation of our hovel and what our financial options might be if we were to sell and move elsewhere.  I'm going to be 60 next year and don't work anyway, so no income for me until I finally qualify for my pension at 67. DH is 56, 57 in December, and will also not get a pension until he's 67. We're interested to discover what mortgage options are available at our age. Our house will have more than doubled in value since we bought it 17 years ago, but then so has everything fact house prices are getting ridiculous in this area. I do want to move but don't really want us tied into another mortgage if I can help it since we've so nearly paid off the one we have. But then again if we want to move to somewhere nicer we might have to suck it up and pay out on a mortgage for a bit longer. We'd probably only qualify for a 10 year loan anyway. Still, we'll see what our options are and then decide. I just know I really don't want to stay much longer in this house.

And the bargain...

6 packs of frozen puff pastry at 35p each from Morrison's. There were more packets but I usually try and leave some for other people. They're now in my freezer ready to be filled with good things and baked. I love pies and flans but try to only have a small piece and lots of veggies on the side.

That's all for now. Hope you're having a good weekend. Love, Helen xx


  1. Helen
    Have you had a state pension forecast recently? There have been a lot of changes with the state pension and a non working married woman can no longer claim against her husbands NI contributions - the pension is now worked out against the amount of years that you have paid in yourself and you need 35 years to receive the full state pension - you do get NI credits for some of the years that you were receiving child benefit - if you're looking at moving and your mortgage options it might be worth you both having a forecast undertaken to see what you'll receive. It's to get a forecast - hope this helps you and good luck for any house move you make xx

    1. Hi, Trudie. Yes, I have checked. I went to the government website and entered my details and I will qualify unless they move the goalposts again within the next 8 years. If I'd been born a couple of years earlier I would be getting my pension next year instead but now have to wait until I'm 67. Not that I'd wish to be any older! We wouldn't include possible pension in any decision we made about moving anyway. Thanks for the advice, though. Love, Helen xx

  2. Oooo a good bargain there Helen. I have to work till I'm 67 too. I can just imagine myself doing playground duty on a Zimmer frame! Looking forward to hearing your house news though xx