Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ready For A Change

We had a lovely weekend break in Great Yarmouth despite DH being ill with a terrible cough the first night. Luckily by the next day his antibiotics had started to make a difference and he was a whole lot better for the remainder of our stay. 

The weather was extremely kind to us. We walked and walked and notched up 15,000 steps on Saturday wandering around Norwich and 17,000 on Sunday making the most of the sunshine and walking along Yarmouth seafront, down to the historic Quay and then around the town. We even managed 10,000 steps on Monday thanks to a brisk walk before breakfast, despite spending most of the day on the coach. A good job we did walk so far with all the lovely food we ate. 

Here's DH enjoying a 3 tier meal in Biddy's vintage Tea Rooms on Norwich. 

We each had delicious sandwiches with salad on the side, a cream tea of scone, clotted cream and jam, and a huge slice of delicious homemade cake (Victoria Sponge for DH and peanut butter brownie for me), plus a massive pot of tea. DH polished off all of his, but after the sarnies and scone I was so full the lovely staff boxed up my brownie and I enjoyed it instead of dessert after my evening meal back at the hotel. 

We did visit the cathedral but it was being used for college graduations so we had to fit in a tour between ceremonies. It was packed so the atmosphere left a lot to be desired. I'd love to go back some time when it was less busy.

All in all we had a wonderful time. Yarmouth was a bit tired and run down and I'm not sure I would go back there again, but the hotel was very nice and the food good and for £99 each for 3 nights dinner, bed and breakfast, coach travel to and from Yarmouth and a day out in Norwich, I think it was excellent value for money.

We arrived back home about 6 pm on Monday and it's been all go since then. 3 loads of laundry washed and hung to dry on Tuesday morning before I headed out to face the music at my slimming club. All that walking paid off and my weight had stayed the same. 

DH has been preparing the bathroom for painting and doing school work so he's all ready for the start of the new term on Monday, and this morning we had an estate agent round to value the house. We were pleasantly surprised. Despite the amount of work that needs doing it was valued at more than we'd expected. Of course, the true value is whatever someone will actually pay for it. Nonetheless, now we've decided to move I'm hoping it won't take too long; I can hardly wait to get out of here and start again somewhere new. 

More good news is DS1 has got an appointment on Monday to be assessed for CBT to help him manage his anxiety. Anxiety is crippling for many people on the Autism Spectrum so any strategies he can learn to help him cope better can only be good for him. Of course, once assessed he'll go on yet another waiting list but at least since his diagnosis things are finally moving (slowly) in the direction of getting him assistance with daily living.

Here's hoping all is well with you. Love, Helen xx

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