Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday Reflections

Is it really Monday already? Where did the weekend go? Am I alone in feeling that as I get older and time is more precious it actually speeds by at an alarming rate? 

We're halfway through October already, the dreaded C is fast approaching and so far I haven't done a damned thing towards preparing for it. 

Actually that's not entirely true. I have ample wrapping paper bought at 6 rolls for £1 after last Christmas and I have a sealed savings tin containing £2 and 50p coins that I will open at the end of November. I haven't fed it too often but it feels quite heavy and I'm hoping the contents will fund the food for over the Xmas period and maybe a couple of pressies. 

I also know where we will be spending the big day - at my youngest daughter's - and that DS2's girlfriend will be staying with us from America. I also know that DD3 would like gift vouchers for stores such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look or Debenhams, and DS2 wants money towards driving lessons. DH and I have agreed to spend very little (around £10) on each other but to have a nice day or meal out somewhere instead. I've also been thinking about what food to buy for the days we're at home; I just haven't actually bought anything yet. 

Never mind, somehow everything always gets done and I have a more laid back approach in general these days...if it doesn't get done it's not the end of the world and spending time together is the most important thing. I just wish I could summon up more enthusiasm and put a bit more effort into the event but since the kids grew up it doesn't have the same sparkle and excitement it used to. Or maybe I'm just all Christmassed out after years and years and years of organising everything by myself.

Mustn't get melancholy...even if it is Monday. We've got our weekend away to look forward to this Friday. Hoping for good weather...and good health. DH currently has a cold and I'm praying it doesn't go to his chest as these things so often do. Also hoping against hope I don't get it especially as my throat is a bit scratchy this morning.

We had our appointment at the estate agents on Saturday and it actually looks quite hopeful that we'd be able to borrow enough, at a rate we could afford, to top up whatever we get for this house and buy something half decent either here in Dover or just along the coast in our home town of Deal. Properties in Deal are about a quarter again more expensive than Dover so we'd get less house for our money but in a nicer area. Deal would be closer to work for DH, but both the boys would need to travel a little further. But then they might both move out within the next year or so. We're having someone round to value this hovel the week after we get back from Norfolk...we'll have to see what the good or bad news is.

Some good news is that DD1 has an appointment on 22nd November for someone from the special autistic unit at the Social Services to come to the house and assess his needs. Top priorities are for him to be able to live more independently, get counselling or something for his depression and anxiety (he's got a doctor's appointment this Weds to discuss the recommendations in his Psychologist's report) and hopefully a new job with more hours but where he has less contact with members of the public. The state of the house might even count in his favour...they'll take one look at this place and want to rehouse him right away! LOL!

Anyway, I suppose I'd better bite the bullet and get stuck into this Monday. I have a load of laundry ready to go in the machine and an Approved Food order coming at lunchtime so need to get into town and back again before then. 

Thank you for reading my ramblings. Have a good start to your week. Love Helen xx


  1. Exciting times ahead! I hope they manage to get DS sorted with his assessment. I feel exactly the same way over Christmas as you. I don't want to pressure my sffspring with spending it with us unless they want to. We are now stuck in a bloody your turn our turn with parents and it does piss me off. We have said that once our Mr 19 is loved up or doing his thing that we will bugger off to the middle of nowhere, in a lodge,with a hot tub and damned well please ourselves for Christmas! I'm very tired and 'on one' today! So a secluded Xmas for two sounds perfect!

    1. Hi, Rachel. Well, both sets of our parents are dead so we don't have that issue, nut I do recall my mum having her mum to our house every Xmas day and my dad's mum every boxing drove her mad. We never really got into that sort of pattern as we lived a distance from both sets of parents and with 5 kids travelling wasn't so easy. We were going to France for Xmas last year but there wasn't room for DS1 and he panicked at the idea of being alone for Xmas so we didn't go. Once they've all finally left home I'd rather DH and I go out for Xmas dinner or away for a few days. I'm certainly not one of those mums who'd expect to go one of the kids' houses each year. Love you, Helen xx