Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What's the Knit-Wit Knitting?

I've posted a lot of food-related stuff since I started blogging again and thought it was time to live up to my blog's title and show you some of the knitting I've been doing.

This blanket is for DD2's newest kitty, a gorgeous little black and white British Shorthair - cross Ragdoll called Wookie (her DH is a Star Wars fan).

He's a darling and so affectionate. I'll show you pics when I have some. Not having grandchildren I've knitted a blanket for all 4 of my grand kitties (both DD2 and DD3 have 2 each) and 1 grand puppy (DD1's). 

Yet another blanket. I don't know if anyone remembers the blanket squares I was knitting from all my little oddments of yarn. The last time I posted pics the squares had been sewn together but I was in the process of knitting what seemed like miles of border. Well, it finally got finished, the border was sewn on and here is the result.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's going to hang over the back of one of the sofas and whenever anyone complains of the cold they can wrap themselves up in it rather than turn on the heating! LOL!

Also past readers might recall the great offer I got on Sirdar Denim Ultra chunky yarn bought in a sale from Kemps Wools. I bought 3 different shades, enough for 3 cardigans. Originally I was going to make 1 for DH and 2 for me (I'm of that age where cardigans are so much easier to remove than a jumper during a hot flush). Reverse that, and DH loved the one I made for him so much I ended up knitting him a second one. Until today I hadn't started on making mine, especially as the weather was getting warmer by the time I finished the second one for DH. With Wookie's blanket completed and the weather starting to cool down (although it's been glorious here in Dover today) I've just made a start on my cardi. This is the pattern I'm using although I'll add and inch or two to the bottom as I like my cardis longer. 

It's nice and simple as the yarn is lovely by itself, and with the thick wool and large needles (sizes 8mm and 10mm) it should grow quite quickly. I look forward to wrapping myself up in it when the days are colder. 

DH did his soup kitchen duty last night and I needn't have worried as my homemade offerings went down extremely well. He says the poor rough sleepers were so grateful that someone had taken the trouble to make homemade soup instead of the canned soup they usually have. Makes the effort all worthwhile. 

DS2 starts his journey home from America tomorrow, arriving back sometime on Friday afternoon. How that time has flown. He seems to have had a great time but I haven't seen many pics or had more than a very brief Facebook message from him; he's been so busy. I'm expecting him to be depressed for a few days, missing his girlfriend, until he settles back in to his ordinary routine. He's got a rock festival to go to in Wales with members of the band (just watching, not playing) in a couple of days time, though, so hopefully that will take his mind off things.

That's all for now folks. Back to the knitting. Anyone else knitting for winter or using up their odds and ends to create something beautiful? 

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