Sunday, 25 September 2016

Soup, Soup, Glorious Soup

No, I am not about to have a mega-binge on vanilla ice cream, although you'd be forgiven for thinking so given the six tubs lined up on my worktop.

The perfectly sensible explanation is, of course, that they all contain about a litre and bit of soup. 

DH has signed up to help out at the local soup kitchen. There are a lot of volunteers on the rota so he will only need to do his duty a couple of times a year. This Tuesday will be his first time. He'll go down to do the actual serving, but guess who gets to make the soup! I spent most of my Sunday morning chopping veg and using the soup maker. Nice of him to volunteer me...not that I really mind, at least I'm using my time for a good cause.

I made leek and potato first using a bag of frozen leeks, but it came out as there was a lot of the green bits of leek in the Farm Foods pack. 

So, I made a second lot using Morrison's frozen leeks that were mostly the white parts of the veg. It's a lot paler in colour and looks much more appetising. 

The first batch won't be wasted; we'll eat it despite the slimy colour. One tub will make my lunches for this week and the second tub will go into the freezer for another time. 

And this orange soup is spicy sweet potato and carrot. 

I made it for us earlier this week by tweaking a recipe to use up some carrots I had in the fridge and it was so delicious I decided it would be nice and warming for poor folks living rough. 

The tubs of soup will be stored in the freezer, taken out on Tuesday morning, and warmed through in the evening to be transported to the soup kitchen (or mobile hut in a car park) in flasks provided by the church that DH attends.

We love homemade soup and I use my Morphy Richards jug-style soup maker at least once a week so I hope the soup goes down well with the rough-sleepers. And if not, then I'll be cheating and buying cans to heat through next time.


  1. I hope it goes down well too. It always amazes me to read what can be bought frozen in other countries.

    1. The soup kitchen is tonight so fingers crossed.