Saturday, 23 January 2016

Warming Winter Food

Not much to tell today. We managed quite a decent walk this morning while the sun was still out, via the railway station where we collected DH's ticket for Wales that I'd paid for online last night. But by the time we made it home a thick, wet mist had descended and it was feeling colder again. 

With the cold, damp weather I'm glad I have a warming pea and ham soup bubbling away in the slowcooker to be served with crusty bread for tonight's dinner. The soup was made with the last chunk from my £5 bacon joint. Last night I cut 4 thick slices from the joint and, although it was already cooked, for extra flavour I fried them without any added fat and served them with oven chips and baked beans. Including the sandwich meal we had on Thursday night, my £5 joint has done 3 lots of dinners for 4 people, 12 meals in all, and I have another joint just like it in the freezer.


The soup contains that chunk of bacon, diced, half a 500g pack of dried split green peas,  a large chopped onion, 500g diced carrots, a pork stock cube, a chicken stock cube and some black pepper. Total cost about £1.60 plus 50p for a Morrison's crusty cob loaf (75p each or 2 for £1), so about 52p a serving for 4 people.

That's it for today. Not very exciting, but a nice, slow, fairly relaxed day before the busy, busy starts next week. 

I hope you've all had a good Saturday. Love, Helen xx


  1. Bacon joints really do go a long way, don't they. I like your idea of frying it up again to have with chips and beans. (noted in my Filofax!) Have a good week.

  2. Soup looks tasty. I make a big pot of this for my husband and freeze the left overs in portions. I find this soup to salty for me.