Thursday, 21 January 2016

Last Of The Big Spenders

Thank you all for the lovely comments about my blanket. It was originally intended for a charity but I decided to keep it instead and donate money rather than spend so much on postage to send it off. I have nearly finished the knitted border...although there was nearly a murder done last night when DH spilled coffee into my knitting bag! Some splashed onto the border but fortunately only a small area was affected and a rinse under the tap stopped it from staining, so spousal murder was avoided. I had visions of having to wash the yards of border and have it hanging all over the place, or even worse having to unpick a stretch of it and reknit it. DH really was upset about it, so I did forgive him, especially as he'd made the coffee for me. Bless him (said through gritted teeth)!

Our sandwich dinner tonight was a 1.6kg smoked bacon joint I bought before Xmas in Morrisons for £5. Cooked for 45 minutes in my pressure cooker, left to get cold and then sliced and served with a 50p Morrison's cob loaf and pickles, it was delicious. We only used half the joint and the other half will be for tomorrow's dinner with chips and baked beans. Any scraps will go into a soup. 

DS2 made choc chip cookies using that other tin of condensed milk instead of eggs. Unfortunately, he didn't read the recipe properly and used the whole tin instead of 3/4 as per the instructions so the mixture was a bit too wet and they came out rather flat and spread out. They tasted delicious though. They weren't cheap, using a whole pound (2 x 250g packs) of butter, a tin of condensed milk, sugar, flour and 3 x 100g packs of choc chips. I calculated the total cost of ingredients at around £5. Mind you, the recipe did make about 48 cookies so not too expensive per cookie I suppose. 

I've just booked DH a room and train ticket to go to the funeral in Bridgend next week. A room at Wetherspoons was only £42.50, but the train was nearly £100. It's the 2 days lost wages that will really cost us dear, however. Never mind, that's what savings are for and there's no way he wouldn't attend after how good his cousins were when his mum was ill and passed away at the end of 2014.

And finally I splashed out a whole 50p on myself, buying this pot of miniature daffodils on offer in Morrisons. 

We don't have a garden, only a tiny narrow L-shaped back yard, so I do like to have a few flowers in the house occasionally. Big spender, that's me.

Enjoy your evening. Love, Helen xx


  1. You enjoy your 50p daffs Helen, you deserve it, especially with all that husband stress you suffered!! Those biscuits sound divine and almost calorie free!!

    1. I hadn't looked at it that way; yes, I definitely deserve a treat for the husband stress. Unfortunately they are definitely not calorie-free. I shall have to be really good over the weekend to negate the 6,7,8...I've lost count of how many I've had. They are so more-ish.

  2. I agree with RR, the biscuits sound almost edible and perhaps just a few hundred calories per crumb. By almost I obviously mean exquisitely delicious.

    1. They were incredibly delicious, Pam, and more than a few made themselves into my mouth...which is why I'm trying not to eat too much over the weekend before my next weigh-in on Tuesday.