Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Super Easy Pork Stir Fry

In case anyone's still interested, my weight stayed exactly the same this week, even down to the point 2 of a pound on the scales. I was pleased with that as I had eaten rather a lot over the weekend when DD3 came to dinner.

It's been a lovely bright day today. Quite chilly but sunny and dry. I managed nearly 10,000 steps just by walking the long way to Aldi, bringing my purchases home and then taking an alternative route into town. I love going with DH for nice long country or seaside walks because I have someone to talk to, but I'm not someone who really enjoys going for long walks alone, so I'm trying to add extra steps by choosing the longer way to places I have to go.

Dinner tonight was a pork stir fry. 

Because I'm lazy and buy ready shredded veg, a jar of sauce and ready cooked noodles, it was a bit more expensive than many meals I make but still good value for 4 large portions.

I used half of a pack of Aldi diced pork (500g for £2.49 so £1.25 for half)
2 x 500g packs stir fry veg (75p a pack so £1.50)
1 1/2 packs ready cooked noodles (59p a pack so approx 90p)
A jar of Weight Watchers lemon and ginger stir fry sauce (Approved Foods 2 for £1, so 50p)
A couple of glugs of sesame oil (no idea how much as bought ages ago, so approx 20p)

I chopped the pork into even smaller pieces and marinaded it for a couple of hours in 1/3rd of the jar of sauce. I fried it for about 5 minutes in some hot sesame oil.

I then removed it from the pan, wiped the pan out, glugged in a little more oil and stir fried the veg for a couple of minutes before adding the remainder of the jar of sauce plus about a third of a jar of water (to rinse the remaining sauce from the jar). The veg cooked for another couple of minutes, I added the pork back in and fried again for a couple of minutes then added the noodles.


Everything was mixed together, heated through for a minute and served. a certain meerkat would say.

Total cost approx £4.35 for 4 servings/ £1.09 per serving.

Nothing exciting to report so that's it for tonight. Have a good evening. Love, Helen xx

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