Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Not long now.

Quick hello. 

DD3's operation is on Thursday and I'll be staying over at her place for a few nights from tomorrow and won't have my laptop with me. I'll be able to breathe once she's safely through it, but for now I'm pretty distracted. Thankfully DH is recovering from his cold. Still keeping fingers crossed I remain cold-free until after Thursday as DD is relying on me to be at the hospital with her while her fiance is at work. I'm taking a nice thick book and some knitting to keep me occupied. I'm hoping she's quite early on the list so we're not kept waiting all day. 

Apart from that, DS2 starts his job training with English Heritage tomorrow. He hurt his back trampolining on Sunday night and is on co-codomol but fairly mobile. Thankfully most of the training is classroom-based, watching videos and taking notes, but he does have to get up to Dover Castle for 8am to pick up the minibus taking them to Maidstone. We don't have a car at the moment (and I don't drive anyway) so he'll either have to walk (hobble) up there or catch the bus from the top of our road. A taxi is out of the question; you can't get a taxi at that time of the morning because they're all pre-booked to take kids to school. 

That's all for now, I think. Hope all is okay with you, love Helen xx


  1. Hope everything goes well with your daughter and that you manage to stay cold free. Good luck to your son for his new job and hope that his back gets better soon.

  2. Best wishes to DD3 for the op, hope all goes well. x