Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I'm Still Alive and Kicking

Hi all. 

I'm just popping on to say a big thank you to Rachel, Pam and Bridget for asking how I'm doing. I'm okay, but haven't felt much like blogging lately and I've generally been spending less time online so haven't been checking out other people's blogs as often as I used to. 

It's only 4 weeks until DD2's wedding and I've been dealing with the occasional freak out from her that all won't be ready in time, and of course I've been lending a hand with the preparations. I'm looking forward to the big day, but will also be glad when it's over as it's been all-consuming for the past 15 months. 

In addition, DS2 has recently split from his girlfriend of 4 years so I've been playing the supportive mummy role, and we took him up to her place at the weekend to pick up his stuff and to return hers. That was a sad occasion as we've also known her and her parents for 4 years and will likely not see them again now.

I also had a nasty flu bug that left me weak and tired for about 3 weeks and DH has changed jobs yet again and is back at the college teaching IT so our finances will be messed up for a month or 2 (or more) until they get his tax code correct (it took about 4 months the last time he worked there). As well as that we've been attending lots of cabaret events that DD3 and her boyfriend have been performing at and we're off to another one on Sunday night, as well as gigs that DS2 has been singing at with one band or another. So, never a dull moment.

In addition to all that we're considering getting a dog to join our mad household. We had to have our 13 year old Yorkie put to sleep about five and half years ago, and have only had our 2 big British Shorthair cats for the past 4 years.

 Shadow (top) and Halo.

But I really want a dog to take for walks to get me out of the house and for companionship when DH is at work. I would love a tiny dog but fear the cats might think it was a rat and chase it (not that either of them is any good at actually chasing or catching the occasional mouse we get in the house). And a big dog is out of the question...big dogs make me nervous, and anyway as we're both getting older I want something that won't pull me off my feet and that I can hopefully tuck under my arm. So I'm looking for a small (not miniature) or medium-sized dog, something like a shih tzu or bichon frise or one of the new mixed breed ones like a cavachon or cockerpoo. I've thought of looking for a rescue dog, but I'm not sure we'd be approved with already having cats and only a tiny backyard. Also, most of the dogs I've seen online at rescue centres tend to be larger breeds with the biggest percentage being the chav's fave breed, the Staffie. But buying a dog also means cost is a factor and even those mixed breeds can be upwards of £500. Anyway, we need to get the wedding out of the way first and then we'll start looking in earnest. Any advice on breeds, rescue dogs etc. (especially in the Kent area) gratefully received.

I love going for walks but not so much on my own and I have no one to go with when DH is at work, so a dog will be a great company and mean I get more exercise. My social anxiety issues mean I can't really join a group...well, I could but the idea gives me the colly-wobbles. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the socialising with lots of folks I don't know at the wedding...lots of deep breaths and reminding myself its only for a few hours. Luckily I do get on well with DD2's future mum-in-law, but about two-thirds of the people there will be on her fiance's side of the family.

Well, I was only going to write a line or 2 but as usual I got carried away. I'll try not to leave it so long before writing again, and in a few weeks I'll post wedding pictures.

I hope everyone is doing well and I'll check out a few blogs later this evening. Hugs, and thanks again for asking after me. Love, Helen xx