Saturday, 25 March 2017

It's Finally Happening.

So many ups and downs and maybes that I'm scared to actually say we're moving but...

...we're moving!

This time next Friday, 31st March, as long as there are no last minute delays, we'll be moved into our new last.

This time last week our buyer was threatening to pull out if we didn't move on the day he wanted. It didn't help that our solicitor was on holiday this week and the lady doing his work had her own work to do first before tackling his so we weren't high priority. 

Just by chance I saw our buyer in the local Wetherspoons' while I was having lunch with some ladies from my slimming club (talk about serendipity). I took a deep breath and went to talk to him. Within a couple of minutes we had everything arranged and, a quick phone call to the people we're buying off, and it was all agreed.So, off we go. 

We're popping round to the new house on Wednesday evening so that the current owners can show us the workings of the boiler, cooker, washing machine, and where all the light switches etc. are. Very thoughtful of them to invite us, even though the guy has been a right pain in the rear.

We've spent this morning packing and sorting out. Thankfully much of the stuff I'd packed when we thought we were moving in February was still boxed up, and we'd already disposed of most of the things we no longer wanted. Our nearby charity shop has benefited, and we've probably added a few tonnes to the paper recycling total for this area. 

Our future son-in-law was going to drive a van and help us move but now needs to work that day, so we've booked a removal van and 2 drivers through Anyvan, a sort of comparison website where you register your requirements and then available firms 'bid' for your business. I've paid the deposit and had email confirmation but need to phone the company who won our contract to confirm the details.

I spent last evening online doing all the change of address stuff with the water companies (we have 2 separate companies, one for water supply and another for waste water) and arranging mail redirection (£59 for 12 months). This afternoon I've arranged for an engineer to come round to the new house to connect us to Virgin Media services (Broadband, cable TV and phone) but that won't happen until 5th April so we'll be TV and broadband free for about 5 days. We'll still have internet on our mobile phones and if the weather is good we can fill the days with some work in the garden (not that it needs much doing to it, it's been beautifully kept). I can inform the power company on the day we move out when I take the final meter readings. 

My stomach keeps doing somersaults, there have been so many times we've thought all was going well only to have something rear it's head and set us back that I won't believe it's happening until it's happened. 

So, if I don't get on here again for a week or two, please wish me luck. I could do with something going right without any hiccups for once.

Love you all,

Helen xx

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Good News First...

A quick check in before we head off to Canterbury to take DD2 out for lunch. She's over this way for a few days for a friend's 30th birthday, but we're managing to get together a few times before she heads back on Monday.

So, the good news first...

Our buyer finally has his mortgage offer through so the move is back on. He's pushing for a quick move which is a bit of a cheek after he's the one who's kept us waiting. Since there's a teacher in our family and also in our seller's family we're holding out for Monday 3rd April at the beginning of the Easter break. After all, it's down to him that we couldn't move over the half term break so fair play that he should now work to our timetable. Also, he's out of the country next week so won't be available to sign the paperwork or exchange until the week beginning 13th March at the earliest. 

It's a big relief that all is going ahead. We actually went as far as putting the house back on the market and had a couple of offers we were considering, but that would have meant going back to the start of the selling process with the new buyers needing a mortgage so we hung on for our original buyer and thankfully it seems to have paid off. I won't count my chickens until we've moved in though!

And now the bad news. Unfortunately DS2's engagement was shortlived. It's uncertain exactly why she changed her mind and DS couldn't get a straight answer out of her, but it appears she returned home to the States and had second thoughts but couldn't bring herself to tell DS for weeks. He's absolutely heartbroken. As he says he was prepared to give up everything to move to the US and start a new life with her. The relationship is completely over so that's that. 

There is a bit of good news for him in that he's been offered a full time job as a court usher at the local magistrates court (subject to his references and health info checking out) but that's not much consolation at the moment. Also, his band are through to the next round of this year's Metal to the Masses competition following the first round gig that we attended in Canterbury on Tuesday. However, because he needs his tonsils removing due to repeated throat infections, the band may need to replace him as singer if his surgery clashes with the competition dates. Lots of ups and downs.

Now that DS2 isn't moving to the States it looks like DH and I will be using the sitting room of our new house as a bedroom for longer than anticipated. If the new job works out for him though I'm sure that, at nearly 24, he'll be wanting to get his own place pretty soon.

I think that's all for now. There's probably lots of little bits and pieces I could mention but I won't bore you with them.

Have a good weekend everybody. Love, Helen xx