Monday, 21 March 2016


I have to say sorry to those who have taken the trouble of commenting on my past few posts. I didn't realise that Blogger has activated automatic spam detection and all the comments have been going into a spam folder instead of me getting notifications. This is a general thank you for all the good wishes for DD3, and I will check the Blogger dashboard for comments from now on.

There's not much more to add today. I'm getting back to normal after last week's events, sorting laundry, shopping, meal planning and cooking etc. etc. DH is having real issues with one of his legs and is limping about, probably sciatica although he's feeling most of the pain in his knee. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, the last one available that I could book online, otherwise he would have had to wait until after Easter. 

I was late to bed last night and I'm feeling tired today (I have a slight sore throat and might be going down with that cold now), so I've cheated and bought some goodies for tomorrow's slimming club nibbles instead of cooking something, but I'll still be baking for DS2's birthday on Wednesday. I've cheated again and bought his card rather than making it as I usually do but it was only 99p from the Card Centre.I'm sure he'll understand given everything that's been happening lately.

And finally, I saw these lovely pink and white roses yellow-stickered in Morrisons for £1.65. 

They were in perfect condition and I decided to treat myself for Easter. They look lovely in my grandmother's jug. 

Hope you are having a good day. Love Helen xx



  1. 4 years on blogger still haven't found where they hide my spam...Ho hum....I'm a little technically challenged

    1. Same here; I'm still not sure what half the terminology means. I usually get an email when someone has commented and I thought it strange that I hadn't had a single comment for the past 3 or 4 posts so I checked it out and there they were.