Saturday, 26 December 2015

That was Christmas

I had a lovely Xmas day with DH, my two boys, my eldest daughter and my daughter-in-law who arrived at lunchtime. 

Me and my boys

Santa (aka DH) and the boys

DD1 and my lovely daughter-in-law
We had a quiet day, starting with our usual Xmas breakfast of cold gammon, pickles and crusty bread.

After breakfast DH and I went for a walk along the very windy seafront, dodging the spray flying above the top of the sea wall. Following that bracing walk we were home in time for DD1 and DIL's arrival and to start the dinner preparations. I was so thankful that I had pre-prepared so much and just had to reheat a lot of it.

We indulged in our usual Xmas roast lunch with far too much food, and then after the washing up was done we exchanged pressies.We spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening watching TV, playing some of the kids' old board games and tucking into too many Celebrations chocs. We also spoke to DD2 in Gloucester and DD3 way down in the Loire valley in France.

I received some great pressies including 2 interesting books about my long term interest, the second world war homefront, one a diary and the other an account of the children who weren't evacuated. 

DD1 and DIL stayed overnight and drove back to Basingstoke mid morning today. DH and I then took a walk into town for coffee. I avoided the sales except to pop in to the Card Centre to buy 6 rolls of Xmas wrap for £1. 

 Gift wrap, 6 for £1

If I can get some cheap gift tags I'm all set for wrapping supplies for next Christmas.

We also popped in to Smiths but didn't think much of their half price cards and gift wrap since the original prices were so expensive to start with. I felt really sad that it was only Boxing Day morning and yet they already had a display of Valentine's cards and were getting out the mini eggs and creme eggs for their Easter display. 

I thought it was Xmas, not Valentine's day or Easter!

So, that's it all over for another year. DD3 and her fiance are back from France on Monday so we might get together for another meal, maybe a takeaway or I might do another Xmas dinner since I still have quite a stash of stuff in the freezer. 

I hope you all had the kind of Christmas you wanted. Now the madness is over I can get back to budgeting and planning ahead for another debt free year in 2016.

Love and hugs, Helen xx


  1. It sounds wonderful and you look amazing in your photo Helen X Gorgeous family too xx

  2. Great Chrissie books. The Second World War homefront is one of my interests as well, so I will have to look them both up at my library.