Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Quick Update

Hi all.

Quick update on the madness here.

Well, we finally made the heartbreaking decision to return the puppies to the breeder. She's a lovely lady and would have kept them all if she could have anyway, so I know she'll take good care of them and find them loving homes. 

It wasn't just us not coping well, although having 2 together was definitely a mistake, but last week we got the news that DD2 will need a heart operation sometime in the new year. As she and her husband have only just moved to the other side of the country and don't have a support network over there yet, I will most likely go and stay with her while  she recovers. 

As DD3 is also having an op to remove a cyst that's actually growing inside her thigh bone in a couple of months time, it was all too much stress and gave us the final nudge to phone the breeder who was happy to have them back and even offered to hold them for us, but as we don't have definite dates or anything for the operations we know its best if she rehomes them. We've had a horrible few days since they went back last Friday. We were riddled with guilt but also missed them so much it was almost like mourning. Lots of tears from both DH and I. Funny how we got so attached to them in just a few weeks. 

The one consolation is that our cats are almost back to normal. I am enjoying cuddle time with Shadow who was always so affectionate but scared silly of the pups and hid in the bedrooms for almost 4 weeks.

So, now things are a lot quieter and less hectic and I can look forward to DD1 and her wife visiting over Xmas. They're at her parents in Cornwall for a few days and will drive up to us on Xmas morning, staying overnight and going back home to Basingstoke on Boxing Day. Apart from the actual food preparation on the day, as far as I can tell I have everything ready with all pressies wrapped and the house bulging with naughty things to eat. We've already had one family get together when DDs 2 and 3 and their other halves visited at the end of last week. I made 2 massive chillis in my slow cookers (one meat, one vegetarian), pulled pork, barbecue beans, salad, bread rolls, wraps etc. etc. plus 3 desserts (shop bought as we still had the pups and I couldn't find time to bake). Far too much food and we've been eating chilli nearly every day since.

In case I don't post again before Friday, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that all your hard work and planning makes for a wonderful day.

Love you, Helen xx


  1. Have a very happy Christmas. I know that the decision you made was difficult. It would be heart rending but it is probably better to give up a younger dog so that it has a better chance of being rehomed. You certainly have some busy times ahead and I feel you did not have many options left to you.

  2. Things happen for a reason. Hopefully all the medical stuff will go smoothly and you can look back on the pups as foster mum! Maybe in the future when things have settled you could do what my neighbour dies and that's be a holiday home for people's dogs where they charge £10 a day to look after ( only vetted ) dogs while their owners, who dont want them in a kennel, are away.
    It sounds like a great Christmastide, love to you and yours xxxx

  3. Oh bugger, my comment disappeared before I could hit publish!
    Hoping the Yuletide is just as lovely as can be. Stuff happens for a reason. Hoping all the health issues are quickly resolved xx Merry Christmas Helen X

  4. It sounds like you have made the right decision to return the puppies even though it was heartbreaking, it cant have been easy.

    Happy Christmas Helen x

  5. Now you can relax with the cats, it can be distressing for established pets when a new one enters their space. i hope that all progresses smoothly for you next year. Have a peaceful holiday. X

  6. You made the right decision for you and the puppies - it must have been a really hard decision to make - now it's time to concentrate on your family and have a lovely Christmas - Merry Christmas xxx