Thursday, 24 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Preparations

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely understanding comments on my last post.

Today we're getting a few last minute cleaning jobs done, making sure there's no dirty washing in the basket, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen etc. before our visitors arrive tomorrow. They know we're a messy bunch so we're not busting a gut trying to wrangle this old house into a show home, but we're making a bit of an effort. 

I've the gammon to slow cook later so we can have it cold with crusty rolls and pickles for Christmas breakfast. Xmas dinner is turkey roast, hog roast, quorn roast in puff pastry, and all the trimmings. I've already precooked the stuffings, pigs in blankets etc. so they just need defrosting overnight and reheating tomorrow while the roasts are in the oven.  I'm cheating with frozen roast potatoes and parsnips which will be cooked in my halogens. Desserts are also all shop bought this year. 

Seems I've cheated a lot with ready made food, but I started preparations late this year and haven't had the time (or inclination) to spend hours cooking. Plus, it's only been in the last few days I've known for sure who would be here on the day. In my defence I did hand knit 3 cat blankets for DD2 and DD3's kitties. Next year I definitely want to make more gifts well in advance of the event.

DH, bless him, is vacuuming the stairs as I write this, and then we're off in to town...not, I hasten to add, to run crazily around the shops buying last minute food to add to the vast amount we already have. No, we're going to have a leisurely walk and hopefully find a couple of seats in Wetherspoons so I can indulge in a gingerbread latte and DH can have a regular coffee. 

Tonight's dinner is nice and easy, Aldi frozen cauliflower cheese with slow-cooked jacket spuds.

Here's hoping your Xmas eve is slow-paced and peaceful and not a huge last minute rush. 

Have a good day. Love, Helen xx


  1. It has just passed 9pm here and I have yet to clean the kitchen, vacuum and hang the wash. You seem very organised in comparison. Merry Christmas.

    1. I'm sure it will all come together in the end, Suze. Have a great day, love Helen xx

  2. Tonight's curries are cooked and ready to reheat, I will cook the rice at the last minute. The turkey crown is seasoned and wrapped in streaky bacon ( I will not be eating it YUK)the veg is prepped and blanched all is well here. I hope you have an easy run of it, there is nothing wrong with buying in at any time. I have been known to serve steak and chips for The Dinner and one unforgettable year when we were all ill the grands asked for Alphabites and Waffles so that was what we had.

    1. I've also had more than one Christmas where all plans were scuppered by illness. The worst is when I'm the one who has been sick and don't get to enjoy the day after months of planning and hard work. Fingers crossed all will go well tomorrow. Have a great day, love Helen xx