Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Not Too Bad

As promised, an update on my weigh-in. I gained 2 lbs. Not too bad so no tears required.  It takes me to 1lb over my upper target weight so I had to pay for the meeting today, but I was relieved that it wasn't more. A couple of ladies gained 4 lbs. Hopefully I can lose it if I'm careful this week. I'd like to lose another 2-3 lbs by the end of January to get right back on my target weight or just under. 

We had a lovely afternoon wandering around Canterbury, a bit crowded and I didn't buy anything except coffee in Starbucks, so I still need slippers, but it was nice to get out of Dover for a bit. The weather here is supposed to be okay tomorrow, a bit overcast but dry, so we might go for another bus ride. A bonus is that all the walking means I've reached my 10,000 steps today and have covered over 4 miles. My one New Year's resolution is to walk 10,000 steps at least 3 times a week. I know I should be doing it every day but I need to make achievable goals.

I'm sitting down now with a cup of tea, watching Bargain Hunt recorded on Tivo. Dinner is a vegetarian bolognese which has been bubbling away nicely in the slow cooker while we were out, so only the pasta to boil later. 

I used half a pack of Quorn mince (Aldi £1.49, so 75p for half), a jar of pasta sauce (Approved Foods 3 for £1 so 33p for one), 1/2 bag of Tesco frozen veg for bolognese (bought on offer for 50p, so 25p for half), 1/4 bag of frozen mushrooms (approx 25p), some frozen sliced mixed peppers (approx 40p), a glug of red wine (approx 25p) and 3/4 bag of value dried pasta (approx 22p). 3 of us will have a little grated cheddar sprinkled on top, say total of 50g cheddar (Aldi, 250g grated mature cheddar at £1.49, so 50g adds 30p). The Tesco veg and the sauce had all the flavourings so I didn't need to add extra herbs, garlic etc. Total cost for 4 large portions is £2.75 or approx 69p per portion. It smells delicious.

Hope you've all had a good day. Hugs, Helen xx



  1. Oh that's fantastic news! 2teeny pounds is nothing and will soon vanish! I bet you've already walked one of them off today!

  2. Well done. I have only gained a pound so nothing for me to cry about. Your bolognese sounds yummy but the hubby and I are off out to our Wood carvers christmas meal. The diet starts on 2nd of Jan..... and not a moment before.

  3. I agree. 2 pounds is a very reasonable Christmas gain. I would be afraid to get on the scales My tight clothing is a good indication that I need to eat healthily in the coming weeks

  4. Just had a catch up of all your Christmas posts and it looks like you had a great time. Best wishes