Sunday, 6 December 2015

Not Coping

Feeling such a failure tonight, but we're not coping at all well with the pups. My stress levels are through the roof, I feel so depressed. DH and I have been constantly hovering over them all weekend and we're tired and strung out. Because the weather's been bad they won't do a thing out in the yard but will do it the moment they get back in the house even though we might have been out there in the wind and rain for 20 minutes waiting for them to 'go'. Not that they were getting it right all that often anyway. They're chewing everything in sight despite us providing plenty of puppy toys and chews for them, which they do use but the moment our backs are turned they're tearing up the carpet, or ripping the paper off the walls etc. etc.

I know its only been 2 weeks but I was hoping there might have been some improvements. Their play-fighting is also incredibly vicious and noisy and Ollie barks so much I'm worried the neighbours will complain. I'm practically confined to the house unless one of the boys is available to puppy sit for an hour, and then I'm rushing to the shops and back as fast as possible. It's not as if we didn't think long and hard before getting them (well, we thought long and hard about getting one) but it's so much harder than I ever imagined or remembered from our previous dog who we had at an even younger age, and I also had 5 children under 12 at that time.

We were idiots to think we could manage with 2. We're seriously considering returning them both to the breeder. I just want my quiet life back with my 2 cats (who I never see now because they're always hiding out in the bedrooms). Not sure how to tell the kids, although most of them don't live home I'm so ashamed that I've taken on these 2 little creatures and can't cope with them.

Sorry for the long, selfish rant. Just needed to get it off my chest.


  1. Sorry to hear about your problems Helen, my DD got 2 dogs despite me warning her against it. they are both very old now, but she said she will definitely only get one next time. Do you have a cage for them, one of the dogs I sit for has a cage & loves it. It also means you can go out without worrying they will destroy something.

  2. You are not idiots and you are doing your best. Some dogs won't poop in the garden, just to be awkward. Feed them in the morning, then walk them n their leads. A trot round the block will help. You can try crates for when you need to go out, just make sure they get a good walk before you go out. It'll be hard but worth it xcc

  3. I've got 3 small dogs (all bitches) - one of which is a 12 month old youngster - I find as much regular exercise as possible helps keep them (and me at times) calmer - they're just trying to determine just who (including you) is the 'pack' leader or top dog - definitely try using a crate - it will also allow you to create some boundaries for them - early days yet - it'll get better xxx

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you are stressed Helen, I have been fortunate with all my dogs for house training, even Bertie the Bichon was trained quickly, although I was given dire warnings. The most difficult would have been my Westie, Buddy, but the older spaniels took one look and took him in hand. Did you have an agreement with the breeder about returning them, I know that some will take them back. This weather is not good for the task. I hope that the situation will resolve itself soon.

  5. Oh Helen, I've just seen your post. I hope you are less weary today and things are on the up. All will be fine in the end I'm sure X