Thursday, 1 January 2015

What time?

What time, indeed! I didn't get out of bed until 11.15 this morning. Yes, that's right...nearly lunchtime. But then it was close on 2.30 am before I dropped off to sleep thanks to our neighbours still partying...well, that and DH snoring in my ear.  Because of the noise I took one of my Boots Sleepeaze tablets. That's probably why I slept so late; they can make me sleepy for much of the day after which is why I only take them when I've had several bad nights in a row.  DH, bless him, bought me up a cup of green tea at 10, but I thanked him, set it aside, and then turned over and dropped back off again. 

When I did finally drag myself from under the covers DH had gone out, driving DS1 to work in Canterbury, so I got on with making up for my laziness and had yesterday's laundry folded and put away, the kitchen sink, draining board and work surfaces scrubbed, all the bins emptied and put out for collection and a load of dirty floor cloths put on to wash by the time he got back. I'd also made a smoothie for my late breakfast, the same ingredients as yesterday but omitting the oats. 

It was a horrible, cold, dull day but we took another slow, careful walk into town, went into McDonalds for a McFlurry for DH and a tea for me, had a quick look around W H Smith and The Works and then another slow walk home. My leg is feeling much better today (touch wood) so I'm taking it easy as I don't want to jinx my recovery. I wore my new hat and was grateful for the warmth. It's a little bit looser than I'd like so I might thread some shearing elastic through the ribbing.

Dinner tonight was leftovers from the fridge and freezer. Some veggie chilli and some beef goulash from the freezer, combined and served with leftover jacket potatoes from the fridge and some part-baked rolls. The chilli/goulash was reheated in the microwave and I crisped up the potatoes and rolls in the halogen.

I haven't really made any resolutions for 2015, except to try and finish off some of my crafting projects and to make something every month towards gifts for next Xmas. But for January I hope to pick back up on my intention to eat from my fridge, freezer and cupboards. I meant to do this in November but that got scuppered by the time and expenses we had in Wales for MIL's funeral, and in December by my belated Xmas preparations. DH will be 3 days short on his salary at the end of January because of the time he took off to be with his mum at the end, and when sorting out her affairs, so I'm having to be extra careful with this month's money to save a bit extra to cover the loss. Eating from what I have in stock will go a long way towards helping out with that.

Tomorrow DH is meeting with the friend he's trying to develop an educational software company with, so I might have another slow, careful walk into town and wander in and out of the charity shops. I won't promise not to buy anything, but it will need to be a really good bargain.

That's all for now folks. Hope you've had a good first day of the year. Love, Helen x


  1. There are days when I would love to sleep in but my integral alarm clock just will not let me. No matter what time I get to sleep I an awake between 4 and 5.I have tried a "nanny nap" and sometimes it helps and sometimes it makes it worse. I too have to eat through my store for this month, not a bad thing as I have a few major purchases to make.

    1. I don't like to nap during the day either, Pam. It means I don't usually sleep well at night. I've already used most of my 'leftovers' meals from the freezer, just a lentil bake to go, but I did a quick look at the meat bag and I have quite a variety in there including 2 whole chickens. The veg bag is also full, and there's quite a lot of bread and vegetarian stuff in there too. What with all the cans on my shelves and at least 3 packs of mature cheddar in the fridge I don't think we'd starve even if I didn't buy any food at all this month. I'll still need to get fresh fruit, milk and yogurts though.

  2. We had a party here but luckily when we turned our music off about 1am we could still hear the neighbours through the wall, so it would seem that we didn't keep them awake! Hope you had a lovely New Years Day x

    1. Our neighbours are usually quite good now since we had so much trouble when they first moved in. They usually come round and tell us if they're going to be playing loud music, but I guess they thought we'd expect it on New Year's Eve...which we did, but it went off about 12.30 and then started up again about an hour later. I suppose it did finish about 2.30 in the end, so not too terrible, and it was only one night out of the year. Glad you had a great time. Love, Helen x