Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Still Eating From the Freezer

Really pleased at today's weigh-in. Despite having a couple of piggy days last week, by eating healthily the rest of the week, lots of vegetable soups and fruit smoothies, I'd lost 2lbs taking me right back on target. I'd like to get another pound or two off so I'm just below target, but if I stay the same I'm quite happy that I'm managing to maintain my weight quite well. It seems I can get away with a couple of days a week eating whatever I like as long as I mainly stick to healthy eating the rest of the time.

And talking about food, I'm still managing to make meals predominantly from what I have in stock. Today was leftovers. DS1 had some Brains faggots, mash and veg for his lunch left from Sunday. Dinner for DH was liver and bacon casserole left from last night with jacket potatoes, while the boys had a pizza I got yellow-stickered for 49p from Morrisons and oven chips both from the freezer. Tomorrow will be Quorn mince and veg from the freezer made into a pasta bake using Approved Foods pasta from the stockpile in my bedroom, a homemade tomatoey sauce and grated cheddar on top. 

I did buy some frozen mushrooms (Farm Foods 500g for 79p) and frozen mixed peppers (Asda 500g for 89p) as I was low on them, and I've also bought salad veg, potatoes, yogurts, soya milk and bananas this week. But I actually have a whole month's main meals planned out using what I have in my freezer, fridge and on the shelves. In fact, I should have enough left at the end of the month to survive at least another 2 weeks without having to buy main ingredients, but when DH gets paid on 25th I might be tempted by Farm Foods latest deals and their money off vouchers to do a bit of a frozen foods stock up. Just one example...they currently have 3 x 600g packs of frozen back bacon rashers for £5 down from the usual £6. 

Thursday will be soup and sandwich night; a spinach and chickpea soup and bacon sandwiches using a Farm Foods bacon pack and a loaf made in my breadmaker. Friday will be sausage casserole from the freezer and couscous...nice and quick as we're out at the town hall to see the local amateur dramatics' society pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, as in true panto tradition DD3 is playing the principal male role. 

That's all for tonight. Hope everyone is well and not being too affected by the wet and windy weather. Love, Helen x


  1. Isn't it wonderful not having to shop for much, Iam so happy that I can live from the freezer and cupboards. A 5 minute dash through Lidl for fruit, veg and eggs is all I need do for a few weeks. Like you I have a AF stock of pasta, rice, cous cous and pulses. We had childhood snow yesterday, those big fat flakes that look like little snowballs as they fall. There is a little on the gardens and roofs but the roads are clear. I am keeping warm and snug in my sewing room, yesterday was chicken curry from the freezer, today will be soup, Pea and Ham sounds good using split peas, some cooking bacon from Lidl and a few handfuls of diced root veg.

  2. Well done with the weight management xx I too am using up stuff! I ventured onto the AF website for the first time but will wait til Feb Half Term as I'll be n for delivery! It's wet n windy and wild OOP North too! Xx