Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Almost Snow and Trying to Keep Warm

We had a tiny flurry of snow this morning but it was gone almost as soon as it started and left a slightly slushy, slippery covering on the pavements. I do hate this weather. I wish we humans could simply hibernate during the winter months. My favourite time of the day is when I can curl up in bed at night with my 2 hot water bottles. My most detested time is having to get out of bed in the morning!

I did brave the cold this morning to diligently attend my slimming club. My weight stayed the same this week which is fine as I lost 2lb last week and I'm dead on my target weight at the moment. I hurried home afterwards to get into the warm. Unfortunately I've had the heating on a lot today. Despite wearing three layers of clothing (long-sleeved t-shirt, brushed cotton shirt and a thick cardigan) and 3 pairs of socks plus slippers I still couldn't stay warm unless I sat on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around me and, of course, I couldn't do that all day.

Dinner tonight was the bolognaise sauce over pasta, and very tasty it was. I'm going to swap the menu plan about a bit and serve the meatloaf tomorrow with chips and baked beans, and the chicken and rice on Saturday instead.

That's about it for today. I hope the weather isn't too bad where you are, and you manage to stay nice and cosy. Love, Helen x

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  1. No snow here, just rain! It's really cold though