Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sticking and Stitching and Knitting

I've had a couple of lovely crafty days, knitting and stitching and card making. 

I started off at 7.30 this morning by making a card for DD3's BF's birthday on Saturday. Unfortunately I was in a hurry to get it finished and posted and forgot to take a picture of it. Suffice to say it had 6 layers of decoupage so involved a fair bit of cutting out and layering up with sticky pads. Luckily I enjoy all that cutting and sticking and it turned out well considering I was in a rush to get it done. I had some postage stamps left over from Xmas so popped it in the letter box on the way to Aldi to buy a few odds and sods. As I was passing I nipped into the hospice charity shop and bought this 250g ball of double knit for £1, and for 50p  I was pleased to find another ball of the same purple sparkly yarn I'm using to knit socks.

A couple of weeks ago I made another syringe driver bag for the hospice and I had 7 more cut out and ready to sew before I hurt my back and couldn't sit at the machine for any length of time. Last week I didn't feel like sewing and anyway I wanted to get my jumper finished. This week I'd decided to get on with it and put together 4 yesterday, and 3 more today making 8 in total with the one I'd already done. 

I've also got another 3 straps sewn up and just need to cut out and stitch the main bag pieces, or else I'll cut the straps into shorter lengths for tote bags that the hospice wants to put patients' belongings in rather than sending relatives home with their loved ones' bits and bobs in a carrier bag. DH is having a meeting with his business partner in Margate in a couple of weeks so I'll get him to take the bags into the Thanet hospice at Margate Hospital saving me the cost of postage.

And this afternoon I sat down watching Judge Judy and Extreme Couponing and finished off the first pair of socks.

So, that's Christmas pressie numero uno safely stashed long as I don't forget where I put them! I have enough of the purple yarn for at least one more pair, but to ring the changes my next pair will be the same sparkly green that I used for my hat. I'm going to make a pair for the 5 females in the family (including DS2's girlfriend), and maybe a scarf each too. I'm not sure if the boys would appreciate hand knitted socks, although DH loved the ones I made him last year.

Dinner tonight was sliced gammon and crusty rolls with pickles. The gammon was one of 3 joints for £10 bought from Morrisons before Xmas using my savings stamps, and I cheated and bought part-baked rolls from Aldi for 39p a pack. We already had pickles and chutneys plus some pickled onions I won in the raffle at my slimming club a couple of weeks ago...yum, yum. There's enough gammon left for me to add to a macaroni cheese for Saturday. I realised that I got the date of Burns' Night wrong and it's actually on Sunday, so that's when we'll have the haggis (is the plural of haggis haggii?), so tomorrow night we'll have the spicy chicken and veg savoury rice.

That's it for tonight, I think. I must get out for a walk tomorrow; Aldi is the furthest I've been for the past 2 days. Here's hoping the weather is good. Love, Helen x


  1. The bags look great x I love looking round charity shops for wool, you got a good bargain there x the socks are fabulous x

    1. Thanks, Bridget. I'm using up a lot of the fabric I've bought in charity shops over the past couple of years to make the bags. And I had promised myself not to buy any more wool...but when I see a bargain...!!!

  2. What a wonderful way to pass the time! Sounds perfect to me!! Love the sparkly socks :-) xx

  3. Love the socks, one day I will summon up the courage to attempt them.