Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mistaken Identity

Hello, Shirley, nice to have you on board.

Another dry day, so I got the bedding washed and out on the line early this morning before my Slimming World Meeting. 

I shouldn't have bothered going to the slimming club; another 1/2 lb on. I was gutted since I've mostly been good this week and we've had a couple of longer walks. I felt I'd at least lost a pound. My reaction? I came home and ate two big bowls of crunchy muesli followed by 2 bags of crisps (they were squares which are only 99 calories a bag). I really have lost the plot lately and can't seem to get back on plan for longer than a few days at a time. I'm doubly gutted because I checked my progress graph and it seems I was this weight back in October, so despite having lost in the interim that's all been wiped out by recent gains. I'm so worried I'm on the slippery road to regaining it all; I just can't seem to stop eating some days.

Other news is we got a call from Admiral (our car insurer)  about an incident that was reported to them. They wouldn't talk to me since the policy's in DH's name so I gave them his mobile number. He just called me and apparently there was an incident in a car park in High Wickham on 2nd March. Well, for a start neither of us has ever been to High Wickham and I don't even know where it is, and DH certainly wasn't there on 2nd March. Apparently our car was picked out by the number plate on CCTV but the guy from Admiral said it must've been read wrongly. Too right. I hope it gets sorted out soon and then gets erased from our insurance record so we don't lose our no claims for this year. I was already in a dark mood over the weight issue, so this is another one of those annoying things I didn't feel like dealing with today.

On a lighter subject I'm knitting yet another pair of socks, this time for Mother's Day for DH's 93 year old mum, the one in the nursing home in Bridgend. I'm doing a different design with a ribbed turnover but stocking stitch foot. The turnover will be a dark purple and the foot mauve; her favourite colours. I'm also hoping to make her a hanging fabric caddy bag for her wheeled walker. I saw some patterns online, but decided to buy this one from Ebay as it will have been tested.

I'll be making one of the two bottom right hand designs and hoping it will suit her particular walker. I'm sure she'll find it useful, and the socks will be nice and stretchy to go over her puffy feet. As I already had the wool and pattern for the socks, the pattern for the caddy cost under £6, and I'll be making her card from supplies I already have, her presents this year will be very cheap, that's if the postage isn't astronomical.

Dinner tonight is leftover quorn bolognaise sauce redesigned as chilli con carne with the addition of red kidney beans from the freezer, tinned creamed corn (Approved Foods) and a part pack of chilli sauce mix bought from AF ages ago. It will be served with rice also from AF. 

The definite plans we had for a celebratory meal out for DS2's 21st birthday next Sunday have been shelved because he changed his mind this Sunday. He'd been umming and aahing for about a week on whether he wanted it that day, even though we'd already agreed it with him a few weeks ago and had let everyone know so that they could keep it clear. I'd been trying to get him to finally confirm it all last week. At present I'm not even sure whether he's coming over at the weekend so don't know whether I need to make a cake, or if I'll have to post his card to him. He's in the mire with his siblings for leaving his decision so near the event as they'd already rearranged prior plans, changed work shifts etc, and DD3's BF had even booked a day's holiday. It is his birthday, but it's so difficult to get everyone together these days, so he's not the most loved brother at the moment.

Anyway, that's my little bit of news for now. Not very exciting and a bit gloomy (like my mood), but there's far worse that could have happened so I'll count my blessings and I know I'll feel better about things tomorrow. Hope all is right in the world with you and yours. Hugs, Helen X


  1. I'm going to say to you what I wish someone had said to me a few years ago: you have lost a lot of weight. Now you are struggling to lose a few pounds. Change your target weight now, right now, to exactly where you are. NOW! Please. Stay there until you feel like going on. The weight you are now is great. If someone had said that to me, I might now be two and a half stone lighter than I am now; I got so frustrated at trying to lose a few pounds that I put the one and a half stones back on that I lost, plus another stone. Look back on what you have achieved and don't let a few measly pounds crowd out your fantastic achievement. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for your lovely advice. Actually I had already been thinking about doing just what you suggested. I'm fairly comfortable at the weight I am now although I would prefer to settle at a few lbs lighter. The reason I want to eventually lose the extra weight is so I'll come within the healthy weight/height/BMI range and at present I'm a stone and bit over that. When I've lost before I've always regained everything and then some and was hoping this time would be different since its taken me a lot longer to lose it, but I suppose I still have the same issues around food. Funnily enough, today I've been really busy and haven't really thought about food at all. I wish I knew what normal was in regards to eating but as I was put on my first diet at age 11 I've always had issues with weight and food. Since you've done it before, I'm sure you'll manage to lose the weight you've gained but I know just how disheartening it can be. Thank you again for being so encouraging. Love, Helen x