Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cupcakes for Charity

Hello there to Lindjemp. Welcome to my little corner of blogland.

Well, what a change in the weather. From going out without a coat on Sunday to wearing my winter coat and gloves and wishing I'd taken my scarf with me today. It was really chilly when I went into town to my Slimming World meeting. Gaining 1 1/2 lbs didn't help me feel any warmer.

Something that did warm my heart, if not my body, was that my cupcakes sold at £1 each at the college fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer raising £20 towards the predicted total of around £1000. (BOAST ALERT!) DH said they were really popular and a lady from the catering department joked that I could go in and teach a cake making lesson any time I liked. At least, I think she was joking. I wouldn't take her up on it if she wasn't; standing in front of a class full of people would be my worst nightmare. I'm really pleased, though, that I've managed to help the charity, and it's spurred me on to finally register for this year's Race for Life in Folkestone on 15th June (which happens to be DD1's 30th birthday and Father's Day). I doubt I'll be running it, but I can walk pretty fast when I want to. I'll be doing it in memory of my mum who died in 2005 after suffering for 2 years with mouth cancer. Since she never smoked in her life it's a mystery why she got that strain of cancer.

Another thing that's made me happy is that DS2's scrapbook is very, very nearly finished at last. I started work on it at 6.30 this morning, only taking a break to do 2 loads of laundry, until I had to leave for my slimming class at 9. Then I started up again at about 1 pm and did another couple of hours. All the photos are now stuck in and most of the lettering is done. I just have to add a few embellishments to a couple of pages and then it's complete. I'm extremely relieved because I had doubts I'd get it done in time, but now I can relax and have a change of craft and do some knitting or sewing instead. 

Mind you, I do have a 21st birthday card, a Mother's Day card and an Anniversary card to make by the end of the month. But first I think I'll get my neglected sewing machine out and make myself a couple of new tote bags since the nylon ones I've had for years and years (so long I've forgotten where I got them from) are finally starting to wear out. It's ages since  I made anything for myself so I'll have fun going through my fabic stash and deciding what to use. I've also got about 6 cushion pads upstairs so I might have a cushion making marathon.I also received my copy of Mollie Makes today and my Woman Alive magazine yesterday so tomorrow I'm intending to take time to read them both.

With so much time spent on the scrapbook, and my back aching from bending over the dining table cutting and glueing for so long, dinner tonight was a hasty affair of chickpea burgers from the freezer and savoury rice with extra veg and a little diced chorizo added. it was actually quite delicious.

Right, I think that's about all from me for now. I'm going to indulge in my vice of watching rubbish TV in a moment when the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo is on. I hope all is well with you and yours tonight. Hugs, Helen x


  1. Well done on the cup cake front, there is nothing wrong with some mindless telly, soothes the aching mind. I like a half hour of friends now and then.

  2. My youngest son was a great Friends fan and still has all the dvds. Honey Boo Boo was as awful as always but it made me laugh and relax after a busy day.

  3. Glad you got the scrapbook done. It must be a weight off your mind, it sounds like you're still going to be busy though!