Monday, 23 December 2013

It's a Wet and Windy One!

Sitting here tonight I'm listening to the wind gusting outside and wondering if I'll be able to sleep. I get very nervous when the weather is raging, wondering if I'll wake up to any damage...not that me staying awake would make any difference. A lot of the country has wet and windy weather and here on the south-east coast we're taking a right battering, only a couple of weeks after flooding from a very high tide. We're far enough away from the seafront to not suffer from the tides, but the River Dour runs only a couple of hundred yards away at the top of the street, and we have had to block up out front door in the past when there's been really torrential rain. The wind is supposed to get up to 75-80 mph gusts tonight, but to have calmed by the early hours. I'm just happy my DD3 and her boyfriend got a very early ferry to France on Friday morning managing to get away in the relative calm between one bad weather front and the next. Of course, we've heard from them a couple of times gloating about the lovely weather they're having down there in the Loire valley.

My Xmas preparations are under way. All shopping now done, and the smoked gammon joints defrosted ready to be soaked overnight. Tomorrow I'm going to cook them in my slow cookers. This is the first time I've ever cooked them in the slowcooker as I usually boil then in my pressure cooker, but I've looked online and you can just put them in on low and they cook in their own juices. I shall put them on about 8 in the morning and give the larger one 10-12 hours and the smaller 6-8 hrs.

I'll get the chickens out of the freezer tomorrow afternoon and everything else tomorrow night so I can prepare it early Xmas morning to be cooked for lunch at about 2pm.

That's the plan. Let's hope all goes smoothly.

Here's wishing everyone a good, peaceful night and waking up to a better, calmer day tomorrow.


  1. I do my ham in the slow cooker but always add a little water, an onion, carrot n celery to the water too or coke if that's what you do it in and I leave it on low overnight xx

    1. Yes, I've seen that some people add liquid, but also that you can cook it without adding anything as it creates its own juices. We'll be having it sliced with crusty rolls and pickles for Xmas breakfast so I don't really want it done with vegetables, but I might add a little water to keep it nice and moist.

  2. We had high winds last night, too. One of our fence panels has been flattened, so there will be a repair job on the cards for spring time.
    Having had a very relaxed get together with my son, his wife and little Alyssa this afternoon. Lots of good food was consumed all throughout the day as we just laid out a sumptuous buffet.
    Have a lovely X-mas Day!