Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Easy Vegetarian Xmas Dinner - Stuffed Quorn Wellington

(picture courtesy of www.quorn.com)

I've probably left it a bit late to post my version of a vegetarian Christmas meal as you'll all have everything planned and bought and possibly already cooked. But here we go anway.

My DD2 decided to be a vege from age 8 and with a son who would only eat sausage, beans and chips for years Quorn products were a God-send when trying to feed my 5 children. I can't recall the first time I made Quorn Wellington (or Quorn Roast in Puff Pastry as we less-posh folks call it) but it's a firm favourite even with the non-veges alongside the regular Xmas meal. I'm making 2 this year even though DD2 won't be here for dinner on the day, although she and her boyfriend will be round for Boxing Day dinner.

I bought my quorn roasts for £2 each from Morrisons but they're usually around £3.50 - £4.

So this is how I prepare it. You can do it in stages, part cooking one day and finishing off the next.

I roast it from frozen for about 30 minutes according to the packet instructions then take it out of the oven and allow it to cool for long enough to handle and remove the wrapper paper (if you leave it too long to cool the wrapper sticks and is hard to get off).

I leave it until its very cool or completely cold before slicing in half lengthways. I then sandwich the 2 halves back together with vegetarian sausage stuffing made with any dried vege sausage mix ( I got mine for 4 packs for £1 from Approved Foods) combined with a sage and onion (or to your taste) stuffing mix (both made to packet directions before mixing together). You probably won't use all this stuffing and I bake the remainder seperately in a loaf tin.

The tricky bit is to then roll out puff pastry (bought or home made...I cheat and buy mine from Farm Foods at 79p or currently 3 packs for £2) large enough to enclose the roast, or buy a ready-rolled pastry sheet. You just wrap the roast up in the pastry making sure the edges and ends are sealed well and put back in the oven to cook for another 30 minutes so the pastry is baked, the roast finishes cooking and the stuffing is also done. Remove from oven, leave to rest for about 10 minutes, cut into slices and enjoy.

(picture courtesy of mumsnet)

If you google there are various versions of this idea on the net although I made this one up myself before I discovered others were making it too.

There are so many vegetarian products available now that weren't heard of 20 years ago when DD2 first went vege. To go with the roast or for her breakfast there are quorn bacon-style rashers and also Morrison's vege Glamorgan sausages and Quorn sausages. Another favourite meal with all the family is quorn chicken-style chunks cooked in a creamy mustard and white wine sauce; I'll post the recipe for that another time, but its super-simple.

I've had my bacon joints soaking all night, rinsed and added fresh water about an hour ago and now I'm off to put them in the slow cookers on low until this evening. I'm hoping they'll turn out as well as all the info on the net says they should.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas Eve and hope all your preparations go according to plan. If I don't get on here again until after the big day I wish fun, love and laughter to you all.

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