Monday, 30 December 2013

Aunt Polly's Pie, Yellow Stickers and Post Christmas Weigh-In

Anyone else still using up Christmas leftovers. Apart from a small chunk of gammon, I am now out of leftovers having just made Aunt Polly's Pie. Which isn't really a pie at all but more of a layered type of meatloaf.

I believe the recipe was originally in an old Farmhouse Kitchen cookbook but it's so easy and I use it every year so I no longer need to look up the instructions. Basically you need leftover turkey or chicken (you could probably use goose or duck or whatever else you had to for your Xmas lunch), leftover stuffing and either cooked gammon or thinly sliced raw bacon rashers. In a loaf tin (or other suitable baking tin or dish) you spread out a thin layer of the stuffing, top that with chunks of chicken and then lay sliced gammon (or bacon rashers) on top of that. You then build it up like this in layers - stuffing, chicken, gammon or bacon- until you end up finally with a top layer of stuffing. If using raw bacon rashers you could probably lay a couple on top of this stuffing layer. Next you pour over a few tablespoons of stock or gravy just enough to stop it all being too dry and then cover in foil. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, remove foil and bake another 15 minutes. Cut into slices to serve.

We had it served with Aldi's potato wedges (79p for 750g) and Aldi baked beans (24p a tin). Yummy.

I know I said I was going to use up my stockpile but yesterday I got seduced by some yellow sticker products when I went into Asda to buy some bananas and yogurts. I got this lot as well, all for under £8.

The extra lean minced beef was originally £4 a pack or 2 for £7, reduced once to £2.72 a pack and then again to £1.71 which is what I paid. The turkey mince was £2.50 full price reduced to £1.67 and I paid £1.02.

The leeks were 75p down to 43p to 21p, the onions were £1 a pack down to 57p and I paid 27p, and 2 white loaves for toast originally 46p down to 23p and I paid 9p. See why I couldn't resist?

And finally, I am happy to say that despite eating more than enough over Christmas and getting through chocolate liquers, choc biscuits, choc log with cream etc. etc. I got right back to my Slimming World plan on Friday 27th. It was actually a relief to return to healthier eating after all that rich food. Thankfully I must have lost anything I did gain during my gluttony because, instead of having put on weight at my weigh-in this morning, I have actually lost another 1.5lb. I now have just 2lb to lose to get my 4st off award, and then I'll be 1 stone and 1.5 lbs away from my goal of 10st 6lb. I am 2st 2lb lighter than I was this time last year and hoping to achieve that goal by my birthday in June.

Our New Year is (hopefully) going to be a quiet one. Just us and the TV.  No visitors, no booze. I just hope our neighbours aren't too noisy as the year before last we had pounding music that made the house rock from 8pm until 8am. I know its New Year but that was a little ridiculous. How is everyone else planning on spending their New Year's Eve?


  1. We`ve finished the left overs 2 days ago. I`m now back on the health conscious wagon, having had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, a soup for lunch and a mixed veg stir fry for dinner tonight. Will keep things healthy during tomorrow as DB and I are going for a meal out at a restaurant (courtesy of stepson). I shall have lobster tomorrow night, so I`m looking forward to it a lot. After the meal out we shall watch TV till midnight. I do like to watch Jules Holland and his Hogmanay. After that, serious healthy eating will continue. I`ve put on 2 kg over Christmas, but I shall soon work that off again when I start cycling to and from work as well as keep meals small and healthy.

    1. Its hard to stick to healthy eating over Xmas, isn't it? And we have to enjoy ourselves every now and then. I'm glad I've gotten right back to it, though. In years past once I'd slipped off the diet wagon that would be it and I'd be eating my way to putting all the weight back on. This time, because its taking me a while to get the weight off, this way of eating is more a way of life now so when I have a few days eating unhealthily I start to feel yuk and naturally start wanting fruit veg and yogurt. Too much chocolate, sweet stuff and bread really makes me feel bad. Enjoy your lobster and Jules Holland (one of DH's friends lives just down the road from Jules and has met him many times in the local pub). All the best for the New Year, love Helen x

  2. Hi Helen, I found your blog via a few others I follow and thought I would pop by and say Hello. Your Aunty Polly's Pie looks smazing, I have never seen leftovers look so inviting before... Well done with the yellow stickers, I dont think I would have been able to resist either. You have done amazingly well with your weight loss and I am sure you will reach that magic weight by your birthday.

    Have a lovely day and a very Happy 2014.
    Karen x

    1. Hi there, Karen. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment. Happy New Year to you and your family too. Helen x