Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Homemade Gifts and Food Glorious Food.

It's nearly 11pm and Christmas is just about over for another year. Despite all my advance preparation I still couldn't sleep last night for thinking about everything I still had to do. It was nearly 2 am before I finally dropped off. Consequently I overslept by half and hour so was late getting started on the breakfast preparations. Thankfully DD2 and her boyfriend were a bit late arriving so everything was ready when they got here.

Apart from me running around getting everything done, we had a good family chill-out day. Some of us didn't even get dressed until lunchtime. DD2 came round for breakfast in her onesie and DS2 borrowed his girlfriend's Tigger onesie.

Of course, despite me faffing about and worrying, all did go pretty much to plan. We had a lovely breakfast of ham, crusty rolls and pickles. We exchanged pressies with DD2 before she left to go to her boyfriend's family for lunch. Our lunch was at 2pm with a groaning table with far too much food. Pressies were exchanged afterwards and then we played Disney Trivial Pursuit. We had the desserts we couldn't manage at lunch for our tea and watched Doctor Who this evening. We spoke to DD2 in France and DH's mum who's in a nursing home in Bridgend, and exchanged texts with DD1 who's with her wife in Winchester.

DH and DS1 loved their variations of Doctor Who scarves hand-knitted my yours truly.

And DD2 loved the scarf I made her with the bobble wool I bought for £3.50 from the charity shop. She thought it was a shop bought one until I told her I'd made it.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of great books - Blitz Kids by Sean Longden and Jambusters by Julie Summers. Both will feed my addiction to all things WW2 Home front. I received a rose-scented bath set, a new nightshirt (much needed since I'm still wearing size 20-22 and I'm now a least I was before all the Xmas eating), slipper boots to keep my always-cold feet warm, and DD2 and boyfriend bought DH and I a 10in tablet between us...a great surprise. I might even try posting from it once I've worked out all the features.

All in all a very successful day. Tomorrow will be mostly quiet with DD2 and boyfriend round for dinner at about 6pm, but that will just be leftover meats served with chips and beans.

Once Boxing Day is over I'm looking forward to making what I can with any leftovers until the New Year, and getting back to healthier eating.

Hope everyone else had a great time. I'm now off to bed to catch up on some of the sleep I missed out on last night.

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  1. Looks as if you too had a fabulous Christmas. I always find that having family members round is nice, but even nicer is when they have gone home and you can put the place back to normal. We had a very lazy Boxing Day morning, a very small breakfast/brunch and sat around for ages in our night gowns to catch up on recorded programs we had missed. Later we get spruced up for going out. Have a meal booked at a Curry House, so are going to look forward to eating without any washing up to be done after. Tomorrow all`s back to normal and I shall have to get back to some housework.