Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Food Budget

Sorry for the lack of posts. With DH now off for the holidays and with all the Xmas prep I've been rather preoccupied. This will be quite short too. Just a round-up of how much my Christmas and Boxing Day food and Drink will have cost.

I'm serving 7 adults on Christmas morning, 6 with crusty rolls, boiled bacon and pickles, plus 1 vegetarian who will have vege sausages and quorn bacon-style rashers instead.

Xmas lunch is for 5 adults consisting of British chicken with sage and onion sausage stuffing, quorn roast with vege sausage stuffing wrapped in puff pastry, sausages wrapped in bacon, sprouts baked with chorizo, green beans, roast potatoes and parsnips, yorkshire puds and gravy.

Desserts are Vienetta (DH's favourite) or chocolate log served with cream or cornish icecream (or both)

Boxing Day lunch for 7 adults is leftover chicken, boiled bacon, quorn roast, stuffing etc with oven chips and baked beans.

Desserts on Boxing Day are Xmas day leftovers or apple and blackberry loaf cake and custard.

Drinks are J2O fruit drinks, Pepsi, Schloer or fruit squash. No alcohol bought by me but if people want it they can buy their own.

So for 3 meals for between 5-7 adults (19 servings altogether) including drinks and desserts, I have spent around £75. As there was a free range turkey in the butcher's shop window yesterday that cost over £90 I'm really pleased that I've managed all this for less than the cost of that one bird, especially as I've had to buy extras for the vegetarian.

In addition, I have also worked out menus until New Years Eve based on the premise that I will have some leftovers which I can stretch until they squeak (as the saying goes). If not, then I will cook from my store cupboard.

We will be well fed on foods we rarely have at any other time of the year and I haven't broken the bank buying them.

Now I just have to cook it all!



  1. Over ninety quid?????? Bloody hell!!!! Fools and their money....
    Merry Christmas lovely lady xx

    1. It was still there this morning, so nobody had snapped it up yet. I'm not the only one amazed; I had a brief conversation with a man waiting outside the shop for his wife and he was just as disgusted at the price.
      Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a good one and Best Wishes for the New Year x