Thursday, 14 November 2013

Yellow Sticker Haul

Thank you for the comments on my weight loss; being lighter has made such a difference to my movement, my poor knees are very grateful and I hardly get a twinge in either of them now.

Not much to report today as I wasn't well last night. I keep thinking I'm going down with a cold, or maybe fighting one off, and last night I was all shivery and headachy. I couldn't get warm (except for the occasional hot flush) and sat on the sofa cuddling a hot water bottle. I kept nodding off so went to bed after the Tudor Monastery Farm programme. I'd been looking forward to watching it but kept missing bits when I fell asleep so will have to catch it again on the I-player.

I was a bit better this morning, but still feeling a bit weak and watery so I skipped my volunteering and the computing course. I pottered about the house, did some washing and hung it out as it was mostly sunny and there was a good strong breeze, framed a picture DH's friend drew for us last Christmas (took me long enough to get around to it!), scrubbed potatoes to do jackets in the slowcooker to be served with cauliflower cheese (55p for 2 caulis reduced in Morrisons yesterday), sorted out masses of junk mail to put out for the recycling collection this afternoon. Just a lot of little bits and pieces that didn't take too much effort.

I did have to go to the Job Centre this afternoon, though. Fortunately it's only a 10 minute walk away. On the way home I nipped into Asda and was lucky that a staff member was just further reducing the already reduced items.

This is my haul.

 I picked up 750g minced pork for £2.32 reduced from £3.36 but originally £4.25.

4 x 500g packs of diced carrot, swede and leek for 18p each reduced from 30p but originally 50p, and some celery for 35p reduced from 61p and not sure of the full price.

I like to mix pork and beef mince when I make a meatloaf so I divided the pack into 2 freezer bags each weighing around 13 ounces. The mixed veg also went into the freezer for use in slowcooker stews, and when I put the celery in the crisper drawer of the fridge I realised I had 2 green peppers in there so now I need to use those up as well. I think I might do a bolognaise or vegetable chilli over the weekend.

I'll have to remember that Asda do a second price reduction around 2pm because generally I don't think they take much off their full prices, but these were real bargains.

I'm starting to feel a bit headachy again now so I'll call it a night and hopefully will be all better tomorrow.


  1. Take a large dose of ginger and lemon tea, tuck yourself into bed whilst sipping it and get a good nights sleep. Hope you get better soon.
    Well done with those bargains!

  2. Yes .. lots of good bargains there. And well done with the weight loss ... I'm forever trying .. you look super.

    Vicky x