Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Card Making Cats

Horrible weather again today, but I braved the rain to go to my Slimming World class. Another pound off…slow, but I’m getting there. That’s 3st 10lb lost now and I’m hoping to make it 4st by Christmas. Mind you, I was starving this afternoon and treated myself to a couple of wholemeal rolls that I had for lunch with low fat soft cheese and wafer thin ham, but then I chased that down with a cake from the baker up the road. I didn’t have breakfast, though, so hopefully not too much damage done. And I’ll be really good tomorrow. That’s the plan, anyway.

Anyway, before I went out I made a card to go with the bag to send to DS2’s girlfriend for her birthday. I stayed with the goth theme, and I'm quite pleased with it. I got it all packaged up and posted off this afternoon. 

Shadow, likes to help out when I’m crafting so he decided today to guard my box of card offcuts. He made himself comfortable by sitting in the lid so he could watch over it. 

I have to be careful when card making and sewing as the cats are so inquisitive they try and play with my paper cutter, rotary cutter and sewing machine. I have to watch out not to cut off little paws when they try to bat at the blades, or track the course of the machine needle.

No pictures of tonight’s dinner because it was just leftover meatloaf from the weekend served with oven chips and baked beans (Aldi crinkle cut chips- £1 and everyday baked beans – 25p).

I had a thoroughly lazy afternoon after so much running around for the past few days and looked through my vast collection of craft magazines for inspiration for a new project. I haven’t decided on one yet, but then I have Xmas cards to make so maybe I should concentrate on those first before I start something new.

But then again if something catches my eye…

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