Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Say Hello to Miss Slinky

Well, thanks to my bingeing I might have gained ½ lb this week, but I was also voted as this year’s Miss Slinky by the other members of my slimming club. The pic is of me with my sash and certificate, and I also got a lovely flowering plant. I always get very embarrassed about things like this but I’m absolutely chuffed to bits.

This is a pic of me 2 years ago at around 15 stone when I met Gary Hughes, the singer of a band I like called Ten.

And here is a pic of me from this time last year at my daughter’s graduation ceremony when she was awarded her Masters in Psychology at Canterbury Cathedral.

I’d been dieting for 5 months at that point and had already lost 2 stone but still looked huge. I’ve since lost another 1 stone 9.5 lbs, but it’s been much harder this past six months and I’ve been a bit up and down. The overall trend is still downwards, though, and I’m quite happy for the rest to come off slowly. I now have another stone and a couple of lbs to go to get down to healthy weight and BMI for my 5ft 4in height.

Statistics-wise I’ve lost 51.5lbs in weight, and 10 inches off my hips, 8 off my waist and 5 off my bust, and I’ve gone from a size 22 down to a 12-14 in around 17 months. I hope to get to my ultimate goal by my birthday in June 2014 which means it will have taken me 2 years to lose just over 5 stone.

Okay, enough of showing off and on to a few pictures of tonight’s dinner. 

I used a big sachet of cooked chicken in its own juice that I got from Approved Foods a while back.

I divided it between my 2 slow cookers, added reduced price frozen stew veg and a sachet of casserole mix (also AF) to one of them to make chicken stew with dumplings for tonight (dumplings courtesy of an AF catering pack mix). 

To the other cooker I added frozen mushrooms and peas, a chopped onion and garlic, a tin of condensed mushroom soup (from guess where), a splash of white wine, a spoonful of wholegrain mustard (from a big tub, once again from AF) and plenty of black pepper. This will be served either tomorrow of Thursday with free rice. 

Yes, FREE rice that I got from Tesco using coupons printed from the Metro online newspaper. I got 12 x 250gm sachets of Uncle Ben’s 2 minute Wholegrain rice that usually retail for around £1.79 but were on offer for £1. Even so I got £12 worth of rice for free. I’d never normally buy this rice paying that kind of money for 250g cooked rice that’s probably only about 100g raw weight, but it was FREE. I love me some free food.

Tomorrow I don’t have to be anywhere so I’m hoping to have a lazy day and maybe do a bit of crafting, before my busy day on Thursday with volunteering in the morning, a trip to the Job Centre when I get back to Dover at lunchtime and then straight to my computing class in the afternoon.


  1. Congratulations!! You look fabulous xx

    1. I can only second that!! Well done for that amazing weight loss! Mine is also going very slowly now. The first stone was easier to lose.

  2. You're doing well.
    What about Christmas though?
    Best wishes,
    Angela (Devon)

    1. Thank you. Regarding Xmas, last year I did put on 3 lbs but then got it off again in a week by going right back to the healthy eating plan. This year we're not going overboard with food, and I won't be making an Xmas cake or mince pies since I'm the only one who really likes them and would eat them all myself. We won't be having tins of sweets lying around either. If the weather's not too bad I'm hoping we'll get out and about for some good long walks while DH is off for the holidays. So, fingers crossed for not too much of a gain and then right back to the diet once Boxing Day is over.